Shopping days to the jQuery Christmas counter

How to calculate shopping days till christmas counter in jQuery. need to add to website. need quick and dirty. no partiaulcar date it needs to correspond to

needs to ignore weekends of course - or maybe not since its for a website. hmm

cant believe there isnt one on here already.

happy holidays everyone!

You can easily build a function to get the number of days left until a date:

function daysUntil(year, month, day) {
  var now = new Date(),
      dateEnd = new Date(year, month - 1, day), // months are zero-based
      days = (dateEnd - now) / 1000/60/60/24;   // convert milliseconds to days

  return Math.round(days);

daysUntil(2009, 12, 25); // 19 days!!