A C++ Configuration for Emacs

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I don’t think very

much of C++. It has all the disadvantages of C while managing to lose

what makes C worthwhile. Others disagree, of course, and in any event

may be required to use it for some or all of their projects.

If you’ve got to use C++, you might as well use Emacs to lighten the

load. (Yes, I’ve heard of Visual Studio: not in this lifetime.) The

problem is that it’s tricky to make a good configuration for C++. When

I see one that looks interesting or useful, I usually write about it

for those who choose to or must use C++.

Nils Deppe not only uses Emacs to write his C++, he’s been doing it in

terminal mode, which he prefers. Lately, he’s been experimenting with

using the GUI version—why wouldn’t you: it’s almost always superior —so

that he can edit Jupyter notebooks from within Emacs. Because of this

and because he was fed up with RTAGS, Deppe has

rewritten his C++



He works on a laptop so he’s strived for speed and good battery

performance. His post has some animated gifs that show things in

operation. He also included a link to his Emacs configuration so you

can see exactly how he’s set things up. If you’ve been looking for a

decent C++ configuration for Emacs, you should take a look at Deppe’s

setup. It may be just what you’ve been searching for.