Prettier for file structures


Prettier for File Structures



Destiny is in early development so you might encounter bugs or miss important features. If you find a bug or miss a feature, please don't hesitate to reach out via a pull request or issue .

What does this do?

  1. Scans a folder for all the files in it
  2. Creates a directed graph based on how the JavaScript/TypeScript files import each other
  3. Creates a fractal representation of the graph (following similar rules outlined here: )
  4. Moves existing files into the fractal structure
  5. Fixes imports
  6. Removes all empty folders
  7. Prints files that are "unused" (not imported by anyone and doesn't import anything)

The end result is a "prettified" file structure.


  • This is a work in progress and 100% has bugs of some kind in it
  • BEFORE running this tool on your codebase, make sure you have commited to git or made a backup (I don't expect the tool to destroy your work (although it's possible), but just in case you don't like the results)
  • Snapshot tests don't format correctly
  • Only works on JavaScript/TypeScript codebases (althought this concept could probably be extended to any language)

How to run it

npx destiny src/**/*.*

This tool might be useless

It might be better to just name your folders.

Why did you name it destiny?


pull requests are welcome :)