Decoding Basics: An Ultimate Guide To Full Stack Developers

Full stack development is one of the most trending topics in the market today. People have put up a lot of queries on the social media platforms regarding full stack web development. But why do these questions arise and why do you actually need a full stack developer? This is something that you will find answers to in this article.

Being a Software Consultant with over 15+ years of experience, I am now in a position to answer all your questions related with full stack app development; viz:

  • What is a Full stack Developer?
  • Why do you need a full stack developer?
  • How to become a full stack developer?
  • How can you benefit your organization when you hire the full stack developers?

And so on..

These are some of the common queries that every person has. I will try to provide answers to all such queries and clear your doubts regarding the full stack web programmers. Given below is a Question-Answer format so that you can understand the concept easily.

Question 1: What is a Full stack developer?

A full-stack developer is a technology domain expert who is able to work on both in the front as well the backend of any sort of application. The individual must be familiar with every layer of the 3-tier model. The 3-tier consists of

  • The presentation layer ( Main front end area that deals with the user interface),
  • Business Logic Layer (backend area of the application that deals with the data validation) and
  • Database Layer

A Full-Stack programmer does not have to necessarily master all the technologies. But, the programmer is expected to work on the server as the client side and understand what is going on when building a particular application. He or she must have a genuine interest in all the software related technologies.

Question 2: How to become a Full stack developer?

As shown in the above diagram, there are various skill sets required to become a successful Full stack developer:

  • Front-end knowledge: An individual must have an in-depth knowledge of the crucial front-end technologies, viz; Javascript, CSS3, HTML5.He/she must also have knowledge of the third-party libraries like LESS, jQuery, AngularJs and ReactJs.
  • Programming Languages: Full stack coders must know at least one server side programming language like Python, Java, .NET, Ruby, etc.
  • Basic design abilities: To become a proficient full stack programmer, it is also necessary to have a little knowledge of designing methods. Having a little knowledge of prototype design, UX/UI design would be an added advantage.
  • Version Control System (VCS): With the help of VCS, a full stack coder is able to keep a track on all the changes that are made in the codebase. With the help of GIT, the full stack developers can understand how they can get the latest code, update the various parts of the code, and make the changes in the code written by other developers without breaking things.

Question 3: Why do you need a full stack coder?

If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman, here are some of the essential reasons to hire a full stack development expert:

  • A Full stack coder is responsible to keep each and every part of the system running smoothly
  • Since a full stack engineer plays various roles, it also saves your organization’s personnel, operational cost and infrastructure
  • A full stack developer has great knowledge of all the domains, hence, he/she is able to provide help to every member in the team & reduce the technical costs as well as the time of team communication to a great extent

Question 4: How does a full stack programmer differ from a front-end and a back-end developer?

A Front end developer is someone who is responsible for the visual appearance of your website. He is someone who has knowledge of both the coding and designing. In simpler words, a person who has an understanding of using the various design tools and can also write the framework of the specific website in HTML code & style it using the CSS code.

A Backend developeris someone who can have a variety of tasks. Right from database creation & integration to security, restore and backup of the technologies, he/she makes the brain of the particular application.

A Full stack programmer,as discussed, is someone who is able to work on both frontend and backend technologies. He/she is able to work with databases like Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP and everything in between.

Full stack engineers have a broad understanding of the technology & can anticipate what the future efforts for the recruitment need to be or what new technologies must be implemented next.

Question 5: What are the advantages of hiring the full stack programmers for your business?

Hiring a full stack developer for your business has numerous advantages:

  • Cost effective: Since a front end programmer is able to work on both frontend and backend platforms, there is no need to hire separate developers and this in turn, saves your recruitment and other costs.
  • Easy switching: As per the need and requirement of your project, a full stack developer is able to switch from frontend to backend and vice versa. This way the complexities of the problems can be easily looked upon by the same individual.
  • Upgradation is easy: Since a full stack developer has all the knowledge related with various tools & technologies, it becomes easier for him/her to get updated with the latest tools & technologies.

Question 6: What differentiates the full stack developers from the other web app developers?

A full stack developer is quite flexible and also has the capability of handling the project by himself/herself. Their flexibility is one of the major reasons why Facebook and other social media platforms considered hiring the full stack developers for the initial phase of their social media platform.

A full stack coder also has the knowledge of the other technologies like LAMP, MEAN, MERN. So, it becomes easy for the companies to hire only a single developer instead of hiring separate developers. This saves time as well as cost.

It is not always necessary that the other web app developers may have all the knowledge and expertise about various technologies that a full stack coder would have. Moreover, a full stack engineer can handle the project from start to end.

Question 7: Why should you outsource full stack development for your business?

When you hire app developers, the major problem with them is that they only focus on the solution and not necessarily on the underlying cause of the problem since that may be outside their specific expertise. A Full stack developer, on the other hand, provides a complete solution to all the problems as they can go in-depth root cause of the problem due to their broad expertise in various domains.

Hiring full stack programmers from a country like India is quite cost effective than hiring them from other countries like UK,US, etc. If you own a startup, this can be a major advantage for your business. Hence, please think before hiring the app developers.

A full stack coder makes sure to deliver the project right on time. Whether he is working in a team or single handedly, they deliver their tasks on or before time. When working with a team, a full stack engineer divides the work amongst the team members so that collaboration becomes easy and work can be completed in much less amount of time.

With these many benefits, you must consider hiring a full stack developer/s for your business.

Question 8: Is the cost of hiring the full stack developers quite pricey?

Now this depends. Depends on the skill sets that you are looking for in a full stack programmer. Depends on your project requirements, your project goals. As per the requirement and need, the cost of hiring a full stack engineer varies.

You can refer the following chart to check the approximate cost incurred with a full stack expert as per their skills and experience:


I hope, with these questions and answers, I was able to clear all your doubts and confusions regarding the full stack developers. Moreover, before writing this article, I had done a thorough research about the companies, businesses and everything involved.

When looking to hire full stack developers, make sure to hire them from the renowned and reputed companies with the best services in your budget and as per your requirements. One must indeed hire full stack developers in order to save time and cost. Make sure to hire them from a country like India for affordable and budget-friendly full stack app development.