Figma tips and tricks you might now know about

Ignore constraints

With constraints you can set items to stick to the left, right, or center of their parent frame — or to stretch. Constraints are one of the best things about Figma. However, sometimes you’ll want to ignore these rules. If you resize a parent frame while pressing the key, the constraints set on the children will be ignored.

Example showing resizing the parent frame both with and without holding down the key

Pasting SVG code

If open SVG code in a text editor or browser you can copy the code and paste it straight into Figma, rather than needing to download the SVG as a file to your computer and then uploading it. If you’re optimizing your SVGs, SVGOMG (an online SVG optimization tool) lets you copy the markup to your clipload — which can then be pasted into Figma.

Customize nudge sizes

At giffgaff, where I work, we have established a spacing scale to ensure consistency for margins and padding values. It’s common for a spacing system to increment in steps by a certain value — you’ll see 4px, 5px, 6px, 8px, and 10px increment systems in different design systems. At giffgaff we use 8px, so our scale is 8px, 16px, 24px, etc. To enforce this within Figma, we can select preferences, then Nudge Amount, and set the large nudge value to 8px.