1、Paradise flycatchers are monogamous, which makes their distinctive coloring and plumage unusual, as this form of sexual display is usually reserved for nonmonogamous species. Cassandra The Definitive Guide

2、For a fascinating explanation of calendars around the world, from the French Revolutionary calendar to the Mayan long count, see Calendrical Calculations by Nachum Dershowitz and Edward M.  Core Java Volume I Fundamentals 9th Edition

3、The woman on the cover is wearing a richly embroidered blue dress and vest and a fancy lace apron and headscarf, which would have signaled both her status and her family ties.  Scala in Action

4、The Malayan tapir’s predators are tigers, leopards, and humans, and it is considered endangered due to habitat destruction and overhunting.  Programming Scala

5、Chandu Thekkath (our shepherd), the anonymous reviewers, and Theodore Wong all provided valuable feedback, and we would also like to thank the students, faculty, and sponsors of the Storage Systems Research Center for their input and support.  Ceph A Scalable, High-Performance Distributed File System

6、The ambitious baker will mix flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder, salt, butter, vanilla, and milk into a batter.  Spring in Action 4th Edition

7、Gibbons prefers the term origami programming (from origami (from oru, folding, + kami, paper) the Japanese art of paper folding) over hylomorphism.  Steps in Scala An Introduction to Object-Functional Programming

8、The fourhorn sculpin is mostly found in arctic coastal waters around North America and northern Eurasia, but it can also be found in some freshwater lakes in Europe.  ZeroMQ

9、The scri plic is p plo dete ugh that might be a common implementation technique.  Java EE 7 Specification

10、The minimum requirement is that the Deyer must be able to specify the username/password information for each rerce manager connection factory reference declared by the application ponent, and the container must be able to use the username/password comnnections obtained from the same resource manager connection factothrough a different resource manager connection factory reference ay be shareable.  Java EE 7 Specification

11、The Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz has a philosophy of life that would seem to apply here.9  It’s called The Theory of Escalating Commitment:  Thinking in Java 4th Edition

12、It has a short, pointed muzzle, upright and pointed ears, a large bushy tail carried curled over the back, and is especially spirited and friendly.  CouchDB The Definitive Guide

13、Its identifying features include its reddishorange color, white underside, granulations on its skin, and ovoid mantle.  Graph Databases

14、Florent Delannoy is a French software engineer, now living in New Zealand after graduating with honors from a MSc in Lyon.  Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook

15、See this article by David Plonka, Archit Gupta, and Dale Carder.) Even with readahead disabled, all the RRD activity can still be cumbersome on the Ganglia server side.  Monitoring with Ganglia

16、They prefer areas of shallow water without dense vegetation, such as ponds, roadside ditches, and flooded meadows.  Jenkins The Definitive Guide

17、From humble beginnings as a Computer Science/Philosophy double major at UC San Diego, to working at both startups (IPivot) and large corporations (Qualcomm, Intel, Redback Networks, Juniper Networks, Yahoo!, and currently Google), Mark has always been dedicated to code quality.  Testable JavaScript

18、Hubert Klein Ikkink was born in 1973 and lives in Tilburg, the Netherlands, with his beautiful wife and gorgeous children.  Gradle Effective Implementation Guide

19、These animals’ otherworldly calls, nocturnal activity, and glowing eyes earned them their name, which comes from the lemures (specters) of Roman myth.  MongoDB The Definitive Guide 2nd Edition

20、To the memory of Countess Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer, and to Myrtle Irene Daley, my beloved grandmother.  Java Network Programming and Distributed Computing

21、The tournament has taken a lead in environmental conservation efforts, with highlights including the planting of 500 trees to neutralise carbon emissions and providing recyclable materials to local children for use in craft work.  Pro Java 7 NIO.2

22、About the Authors Baron Schwartz is a software engineer who lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, and goes by the online handle of “Xaprb,” which is his first name typed in QWERTY on a Dvorak keyboard.  High Performance MySQL 3rd Edition

23、It tends to have very poor vision, so it relies on smell and hearing as it roams large territories in search of food, tracking other tapirs’ scents and communicating via high-pitched whistles.  Programming Scala

24、Because they’re so widely distributed, Paradise flycatchers can be found in a variety of habitats, including savannas, bamboo groves, rain forests, deciduous forests, and even cultivated gardens.  Cassandra The Definitive Guide

25、Disk space and IO, memory, CPU time, and network bandwidth would be limitless, and MapReduce jobs would run unimpeded by the mundane details of competing disk access patterns, activity oscillation throughout the work day, and poorly implemented algorithms that spew data to disk faster than your average administrator can rap a developer across the knuckles.  Hadoop Operations

26、The same model might also work for managing crates in a warehouse, or a video rental system, or a kennel for boarding pets.) At first it seems simple: Make a container to hold airplanes, then create a new airplane and place it in the container for each airplane that enters the air-trafficcontrol zone.  Thinking in Java 4th Edition

27、Fibonacci, also known as Leonardo di Pisa, in his thirteenth century book Liber abaci posed the following question: Two young rabbits, one of each sex, are placed on an island.  Java Performance

28、Based on a user’s IMDB ratings of just a few movies, the researchers showed that their algorithm could personally identify the same individuals in the Netflix data set to find the Netflix subscriber’s entire movie viewing history prior to 2005, resulting in potential revelations related to the subscriber’s religious beliefs, sexuality, and political leanings.  Professional Hadoop Solutions

29、The ball navigates all kinds of intricate gadgets, from rolling down a curvy ramp to springing off a teeter-totter to spinning on a miniature Ferris wheel to being kicked out of a bucket by a rubber boot.  Spring in Action 4th Edition

30、Within the framework of Release-to-Release Binary Compatibility in SOM (Forman, Conner, Danforth, and Raper, Proceedings of OOPSLA '95), Java programming language binaries are binary compatible under all relevant transformations that the authors identify (with some caveats with respect to the addition of instance variables)  The Java Language Specification Java SE 7 Edition

31、These small amphibians, only 1–1.5 inches long, can be found on the coastal plains of North America from North Carolina to central Florida and eastern Louisiana.  Jenkins The Definitive Guide

32、Additionally, Pramod would like to thank Schaumburg Library for providing great service and quiet space for writing; Arhana and Arula, my beautiful daughters, for their understanding that daddy would go to the library and not take them along; Rupali, my beloved wife, for her immense support and help in keeping me focused.  NoSQL Distilled

33、Acknowledgments I would like to extend my thanks to my team of excellent tech editors who contributed ably to the quality of this book: Jason Porter, Spencer Allain, Darin Pope, and Rod Hilton.  Gradle Beyond The Basics

34、To Do Application --Please make a choice: (a)ll items (f)ind a specific item (i)nsert a new item (u)pdate an existing item (d)elete an existing item (e)xit >  Gradle in Action

35、Shen, Omkar Vinit Joshi, Jian He have made or continue to make significant contributions to the implementation.  Apache Hadoop YARN Yet Another Resource Negotiator

36、For an exhaustive discussion of everything there is to know about Java generics, turn to Angelika Langer’s excellent list of frequently (and not so frequently) asked questions at http://angelikalanger.com/GenericsFAQ/JavaGenericsFAQ.html.  Core Java Volume I Fundamentals 9th Edition

37、While a recursive function consumes datacorecursive and eventually terminates, a corecursive function produces data and .coterminates We say that such a function is , which just means that we can alwaysproductive evaluate more of the result in a finite amount of time (for , we just need tounfold run the function  one more time to generate the next element)  Functional Programming in Scala

38、One thing we’ve purposefully stayed away from is telling you what’s in those files that Tika makes sense of.1 That’s because files are a source of rich information, recording not only text or metadata, but also things like detailed descriptions of scenery, such as a bright image of a soccer ball on a grass field; waveforms representing music recorded in stereo sound; all the way to geolocated and timereferenced observations recorded by a Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS) instrument on a spacecraft.  Tika in Action

39、Thank you to Andrew Bayer, Martijn Verburg, Matthew McCullough, Rob Purcell, Ray King, Andrew Walker, and many others, whose discussions and feedback provided me with inspiration and the ideas that made this book what it is.  Jenkins The Definitive Guide

40、Short menu: pork, beef, chicken, french fries, rice, season fruit, pizza, prawns, salmon Total calories: 4300 Most caloric dish: pork.  Java 8 in Action Lambdas, Streams and Functional-style Programming

41、In Java, we get to choose from more than half a dozen libraries2 that provide actor-based concurrency: ActorFoundary, Actorom, Actors Guild, Akka, FunctionalJava, Kilim, Jetlang, and so on.  Programming Concurrency on the JVM

42、Acknowledgements We thank the first Spark users, including Tim Hunter, Lester Mackey, Dilip Joseph, and Jibin Zhan, for trying out our system in their real applications, providing many good suggestions, and identifying a few research challenges along the way.  Resilient Distributed Datasets - A Fault-Tolerant Abstraction for In-Memory Cluster Computing

43、From the Packt Publishing staff, I would like to thank, in particular, Newton Sequeira, Ashwin Shetty, Sai Gamare, and Usha Iyer for supporting and guiding me through the writing process, and all the technical reviewers for their helpful suggestions.  Sonar Code Quality Testing Essentials

44、Given that thousands of media types have already been classified by IANA and others, programmers need the ability to automatically incorporate this knowledge into their software applications (imagine building a collection of utensils in your kitchen without knowing that pots were used to cook sauces, or that kettles brewed tea, or that knives cut meat!)  Tika in Action

45、Although this tiger once offered unrivaled research opportunities due to its genetic isolation, these opportunities have been permanently lost due to human encroachment on the Javan tiger’s habitat: in a worst-case scenario for the tiger, Java developed into the most densely populated island on earth, and awareness of the subspecies’ precarious position came too late to secure the animals’ survival even in captivity.  Java in a Nutshell 5th Edition

46、A sincere thanks to the many people who read the early drafts of these chapters, and provided comments, edits, insights, and ideas — specifically Mike Daconta, Ralph Perko, Praveena Raavichara, Frank Tyler, and Brian Uri.  Professional Hadoop Solutions

47、Domestic pigs are directly descended from wild boars, and evidence suggests that there have been three distinct domestication events; the first took place in the Tigris River Basin as early as 13,000 BC, the second in China, and the third in Europe, though the last likely occurred after Europeans were introduced to domestic pigs from the Middle East.  Programming Pig

48、Jerome and Chris sent a proposal to the Apache Lucene Project Management Committee (PMC), but despite positive feedback, the idea gained little momentum until later in the year when Jukka came along with the parsing and contentdetection needs of the Apache Jackrabbit community, and others, including Rida Benjelloun, offered to donate the Lius framework Rida developed at Sourceforge (a set of parsers and utilities for indexing various content types in Lucene)  Tika in Action

49、Jonathan Wilcox, Esq., has sifted through my corporate structure and turned over every possible rock that might hide scorpions, and frog-marched us through the process of putting everything straight, legally.  Thinking in Java 4th Edition

50、Lots of people sent in corrections and I am indebted to them all, but particular thanks go to (for the 1st edition): Kevin Raulerson (found tons of great bugs), Bob Resendes (simply incredible), John Pinto, Joe Dante, Joe Sharp (all three were fabulous), David Combs (many grammar and clarification corrections), Dr.  Thinking in Java 4th Edition

51、Thanks also to Francois Dechery, Sacha Labourey, Harpreet Singh, and the rest of the CloudBees team for their help and support.  Jenkins The Definitive Guide

52、Prior to his career in IT, he was involved in electrophysiology and biomedical research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota.  Sonar Code Quality Testing Essentials

53、We would like to thank our user and developer community for their contributions, with special thanks to Eric Hwang, Yuntao Jia, Yongqiang He, Edward Capriolo, and Dhruba Borthakur.  Hive A Petabyte Scale Data Warehouse Using Hadoop

54、Over a course of three rounds, the ceremonially dressed contestants, called alkars, ride their horses down the track at full gallop and attempt to thread the central ring of the alka with their spears.  Spring Dynamic Modules in Action

55、Special thanks to Matt Landolf, Mubarak Seyed, Tyler Hobbs, and Eric Tamme who contributed the knowledge and free time to add to the content of the book.  Cassandra High Performance Cookbook

56、We thank Dennis Fetterly and Sergiy Matusevych for providing some of the experimental results on Dryad and REEF, and Mayank Bansal for helping with 2.1.0 MapReduce benchmarks.  Apache Hadoop YARN Yet Another Resource Negotiator

57、Mike Olson, Amr Awadallah, Peter Cooper-Ellis, Arvind Prabhakar, and the rest of the Cloudera management team made sure we had the breathing room and the caffeine intake to get this done.  Apache Sqoop Cookbook

58、I would like to thank and express my gratitude to Lefteris Ntouanoglou for providing me with guidance and vision in the IT field especially in the last two years, and Olivier Gaudin and Fabrice Bellingard for their interest in the book.  Sonar Code Quality Testing Essentials

59、Metric Association (http://lamar.colostate.edu/~hillger), only three countries in the world have not yet officially adopted the metric system: Liberia, Myanmar (Burma), and the United States of America.  Core Java Volume II Advanced Features 9th Edition

60、A few websites, such as http://filext.com, http://file-extension.net/, and TrID (http://mark0.net/onlinetrid.aspx), maintain huge file format databases that often provide the best hints about some unknown media types that you may encounter, or at least have information that may not be present in the higherquality, harder-to-get-into registries (like IANA)  Tika in Action

61、We would like to thank Bill Loewe, Tyce McLarty, Terry Heidelberg, and everyone else at LLNL who talked to us about their storage trials and tribulations, and who helped facilitate our two days of dedicated access time on alc.  Ceph A Scalable, High-Performance Distributed File System

62、And that’s not to mention the key grip, sound mixer, costumers, makeup artists, stunt coordinators, publicists, first assistant to the cameraperson, second assistant to the cameraperson, set designers, gaffer, and (perhaps most important) caterers.  Spring in Action 4th Edition

63、Beer and Ben-Gay will be provided so the staff may drown their sorrows and assuage their aching muscles after their public humiliation.  Java Network Programming 4th Edition

64、I would also like to thank Hans Dockter, Ken Sipe, Adam Murdoch, Peter Niederwieser, Szczepan Faber, and Luke Daley of the Gradleware team for their support in answering questions and providing feedback during the writing process.  Building and Testing with Gradle

65、In fact, they are each families of data types: the character types are TINYTEXT, SMALL TEXT, TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT, and LONGTEXT, and the binary types are TINYBLOB, SMALLBLOB, BLOB, MEDIUMBLOB, and LONGBLOB.  High Performance MySQL 3rd Edition

66、Marilyn Rash and Hilary Selby Polk of Addison Wesley Longman helped us to improve the readability and layout of this edition at the same time as we were incorporating all the technical changes.  The Java Virtual Machine Specification Java SE 7 Edition

67、The Alka is an equestrian tournament held in Sinj every first Sunday in August since 1715, commemorating the definitive victory of the region over the invasions of the Ottoman Empire.  Spring Dynamic Modules in Action

68、Colophon The animal on the cover of ZooKeeper is a European wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris), a subspecies of the wildcat that inhabits the forests and grasslands of Europe, as well as Turkey and the Caucasus Mountains.  ZooKeeper Distributed Process Coordination

69、He has provided consultations and training to corporations around the world on various open source technologies such as Mule ESB, Activiti BPM, JBoss jBPM and Drools, Liferay Portal, Alfresco ECM, JBoss SOA, and cloud computing.  Web Crawling and Data Mining with Apache Nutch

70、Venture capitalists are very much aware of this trend, and have funded no fewer than a dozen new companies in recent years that build specialized analytical data management software (e.g., Netezza, Vertica, DATAllegro, Greenplum, Aster Data, Infobright, Kickfire, Dataupia, ParAccel, and Exasol), and continue to fund them, even in pressing economic times [18]  HadoopDB An Architectural Hybrid of MapReduce and DBMS Technologies for Analytical Workloads

71、Kraig Brockschmidt and Gen Kiyooka have been some of the smart technical people in my life who have become friends and have also been both influential and unusual in that they do yoga and practice other forms of spiritual enhancement, which I find quite inspirational and instructional.  Thinking in Java 4th Edition

72、We would also like to thank Hector Garcia-Molina, Rajeev Motwani, Jeff Ullman, and Terry Winograd and the whole WebBase group for their support and insightful discussions.  The anatomy of a large-scale hypertextual Web search engine

73、The illustration is from a recent reproduction of a book of Croatian dress customs, Characterization and Description of Southwestern Wende, Illyrians and Slavs, by Balthasar xxvii.  Spring Dynamic Modules in Action

74、Hacquet (1739–1815) was an Austrian physician and scientist who spent many years studying the botany, geology, and ethnography of many parts of the Austrian Empire, as well as the Veneto, the Julian Alps, and the western Balkans, inhabited in the past by peoples of the Illyrian tribes.  Gradle in Action

75、Hacquet (1739–1815) was an Austrian physician and scientist who spent many years studying the botany, geology, and ethnography of many parts of the Austrian Empire, as well as the Veneto, the Julian Alps, and the western Balkans, inhabited in the past by peoples of many different tribes and nationalities.  HBase in Action

76、Suzette Pelouch provided invaluable assistance with the index and, together with Doug Kramer and Atul Dambalkar, assisted with FrameMaker expertise; Mike Hendrickson and Julie Dinicola at Addison-Wesley were gracious, helpful and ultimately made this book a reality.  The Java Language Specification Java SE 7 Edition

77、Thanks are also due to Gautam Roy, Aron Rivin, Prakash Khemani and Zheng Shao for their continued support and enhancements to various pieces of the storage stack.  Apache Hadoop Goes Realtime at Facebook

78、Malagasy culture also associates lemurs with the supernatural, variously considering them the souls of ancestors, the source of taboo, or spirits bent on revenge.  MongoDB The Definitive Guide 2nd Edition

79、Aparna Ramani, Rob Weltman, Jolly Chen, and Helen Friedland were instrumental throughout this process and forgiving of my constant interruptions of their teams.  Hadoop Operations

80、Colophon The animal on the cover of Testable JavaScript is the Doctor fish (Acanthurus chirurgus), a tropical fish that can be found in shallow coral reefs throughout the Atlantic Ocean, especially around Massachusetts, the Caribbean, Brazil, and the west coast of Africa.  Testable JavaScript

81、First, a big thank you to everyone at Manning for working hard, for their patience when the writing wasn’t moving as fast as it should have, and for prodding me along to get it done: Marjan Bace, Michael Stephens, Cynthia Kane, Andy Carroll, Benjamin Berg, Alyson Brener, Dottie Marisco, Mary Piergies, Janet Vail, and many others behind the scenes.  Spring in Action 4th Edition

82、Special thanks to Spencer Allain, Jonathan Keam, and Robert Wenner for thoroughly reading every chapter of the book and providing me with line-by-line edits and comments at different stages of development; Michael McGarr and Samuel Brown for bouncing around ideas that involved content on continuous delivery and DevOps; and Baruch Sadogursky from JFrog for the technical review of chapter 14 and for promoting the book even before it was released.  Gradle in Action

83、Rakov-Potok is a picturesque village in the fertile valley of the Sava River in the foothills of the Samobor Mountains, not far from the city of Zagreb.  Mahout in Action

84、Carla Schroer and her teams of compatibility testers in Cupertino, California, and Novosibirsk, Russia (with special thanks to Leonid Arbouzov and Alexei Kaigorodov) painstakingly wrote compatibility tests for each testable assertion in the First Edition.  The Java Virtual Machine Specification Java SE 7 Edition

85、Colophon The animal on the cover of CouchDB: The Definitive Guide is a Pomeranian dog (Canis familiaris), a small variety of the generally larger German Spitz breed, named for the Baltic region of Pomerania (today spilt between northeastern Germany and northern Poland) where it was first bred.  CouchDB The Definitive Guide

86、We wish to thank our production team of Mary Piergies; maestro Troy Mott and his band of merry editors: Ben Berg, Tara McGoldrick, and Bob Herbstman; our talented proofreaders: Katie Tennant and Alyson Brener; and others behind the scenes whom we are not able to name.  Spring Roo in Action

87、As an example, AIRS is NASA’s Atmospheric Infrared Sounder and provides parameters including surface air temperature, temperature, and geopotential; MODIS is NASA’s Moderate Imaging Spectroradiometer and provides parameters including cloud fraction; and TRMM is NASA’s Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission and provides parameters including monthly precipitation.  Programming Hive

88、The online edition of this book was created by the Safari production group (John Chodacki, Becki Maisch, and Madeleine Newell) using a set of Frame-to-XML conversion and cleanup tools written and maintained by Erik Ray, Benn Salter, John Chodacki, and Jeff Liggett.  Java Performance Tuning 2nd Edition

89、There are many people we want to thank for their help in making this book, starting with the Manning team: Michael Stephens, who first discussed the project with us; Christina Rudloff; the inimitable Marjan Bace; marketing genius Candace Gillhoolley; and our wonderful editors, in order of appearance: Emily Macel, Sara Onstine, and Sebastian Stirling.  Spring Roo in Action

90、It literally (and I mean that metaphorically) whispers “eat me” in the little voice one imagines a cube of cheese might use when it’s sitting next to an empty bottle of the best beer in the world, which is of course Orval, brewed by an ancient and almost extinct order of silent Belgian monks called Les Gars La-Bas Qui Brassents l’Orval.  ZeroMQ

91、There are too many to name, but all of you in Dublin, Portland, Lisbon, London, Zurich, San Francisco, Mountain View, Dortmund, Stockholm, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Salt Lake City, Blacksburg, San Diego, and Amsterdam: you know who you are—thanks! To my family, friends, and coworkers: thanks you for your support and your patience with me over the last year.  CouchDB The Definitive Guide

92、We'd also like to thank our editorial team at Addison-Wesley, including Karen Gettman, whose initial encouragement and persistence convinced us to take on the project, Mary Hart, Marcy Barnes-Henrie, Melissa Dobson, and Emily Frey.  Java Network Programming and Distributed Computing

93、Acknowledgments We appreciate the detailed and helpful feedback from Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, Rose Hoberman, Jens Dittrich, and the Sysnets group members at MPI-SWS.We would like to thank Daniel Porto for helping us to set up the PigMix experiments.  Incoop MapReduce for Incremental Computations

94、A special thanks goes out to Raymond De Roo, Brian Wohlgemuth, David Calafrancesco, Tera Doty, Jay Rubin, Bill Catlan, Anthony Howe, Mark O’Neal, George Montgomery, George Barber, and the myriad other people who patiently listened to me gripe about things, let me bounce ideas off them to see whether an outsider could understand what I was trying to say, or just managed to bring a smile to my face when I needed it most.  High Performance MySQL 3rd Edition

95、All rights are reserved by the Publisher, whether the whole or part of  the material is concerned, specifically the rights of  translation, reprinting, reuse o f illustrations, recitation, broadcasti ng, reproduction on microf ilms or i n any other physical way , and transmission or i nformation storage and retrieval, electronic adaptation, computer sof tware, or by simi lar or d issimilar methodology now known or hereaf ter developed.  Pro Spring MVC

96、Jeff Bleiel, our development editor, for his work liaising with Manning—without Jeff’s input, the book would not be what it is today; Gary Tully for his tireless technical reviews of the entire book; the Manning staff for their arduous work on the book; Filip Hanik for his assistance with Tomcat; Jan Bartel and Greg Wilkins for their assistance with Jetty; David Jencks and Kevan Miller for their assistance with Geronimo; and Jaikiran Pai for his assistance with JBoss.  ActiveMQ in Action

97、You may not export either JCE or JSSE (and, hence, any programs that use them) to the following countries: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Serbia/Montenegro (Yugoslavia), Sudan, Syria and parties listed on the Denied and Restricted Parties List (available at http://bxa.fedworld.gov/prohib.html)  Java Security 2nd Edition

98、I'm grateful for all the help I got from the editorial staff at Packt Publishing in reviewing this book, particularly, Azharuddin Sheikh, Sonali Tharwani, Mayur Hule, Veronica Fernandes, Prashant Salvi, and especially Yashodhan Dere – Project Coordinator, who coordinated the progress of this book, by ensuring that I stayed on track.  Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook

99、Thank you to Scott Oaks and Kim Lichong for their encouragement and valuable insights into various aspects of Java EE performance; Bharath Mundlapudi, Jitendra Kotamraju, and Rama Pulavarthi for their in-depth knowledge of XML and Web services; Mitesh Meswani, Marina Vatkina, and Mahesh Kannan for their help with EJB and Java persistence; and Jeanfrancois Arcand for his explanations, blogs, and comments relating to Web container. 

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