Data Science Nigeria 2019 Bootcamp: My great experience.

Data Science Nigeria 2019 Bootcamp: My great experience.

Just like every other emerging/professional #DataScientist who got selected to attend the all expense paid Bootcamp organized by Data Science Nigeria, themed: “Data Science Nigeria 2019 Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp”. I got myself prepared for the #Bootcamp after having emerged as the 5th in the pre-selection Kaggle Challenge which spans a month.

The Bootcamp was preceded by the AI summit and Unveiling of the First AI book for basic 7 - 9, which is targeted at getting kids acquainted with programming prowess (specifically Python  programming language). The summit was graced by foremost AI professionals and other important dignitaries among whom are Prof. Emeritus Thomas G. Dietterich popularly regarded as the father of Machine Learning, Dr Stephen Odaibo ; founder Retina AI, @siminyu Kathleen Siminyu, Nick Nitombe from Microsoft4Africa among others. We proceeded to the Bootcamp after the closure of the AI summit, and the journey to unquantifiable and qualitative training sessions with the foremost professionals who flew in to the country from different parts of the globe  and our Nigeria based professionals began.

It was a great privilege to be a part of this milestone Bootcamp wherein I acquired great skills and knowledge which I might never have access to except for the opportunity of this Bootcamp.

It was a great session all through the Bootcamp with the quality knowledge imparted and impacted on us by the speakers starting from Prof. Thomas, Dr. Stephen, Dr. Emmanuel Doro, Sam Edet, Sabrina Smai, just to mention but a few of the wonderful lecturers we had at the Bootcamp.

On the last day of the Bootcamp, 25 of us (myself inclusive) jostled to clinch unto the available 2 slots for a fully funded scholarship in Artificial Intelligence. As emphasized by the founder of Data Science Nigeria and chief convener of the 2019 Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp @ Dr. Bayo (Olubayo) Adekanmbi, “There is a need for every data scientist to be well groomed in both the theoretical and practical aspects of Data Science, and not just focused on one aspect”. I get myself involved so much with the practical (coding) aspects, that I technically abandoned the theoretical aspects, this which tells on my performance in the quiz session. But I am glad this happened so I can get myself back on track with the theoretical aspects, this which I have started already.

It is a rare and great privilege to be a part of the team that presented a gift to the godfather of #MachineLearning Thomas G. Dietterich on behalf of Data Science Nigeria .

The Bootcamp afforded me the opportunity to meet with people like Ibrahim Olagoke , Eniola Olaleye , Rising Odegua , FABIYI OPEYEMI , Oyelami favour , among others whom we have worked together as team members remotely on different occasions, but never had the opportunity of meeting with each other. It similarly was a great avenue to network with people from different parts of the country, share and exchange knowledge and experience with each other.

I do hope to make it to the bootcamp next year, better and stronger than I was this year.

I want to say a big thank you to Data Science Nigeria for the opportunity afforded us to learn more about Data Science and boosting our confidence in the applications of Artificial Intelligence to solving human problems.

I am Muhammad Abiodun Sulaiman popularly known as Prince_Analyst, a Data Scientist and Tech Evangelist