26 Best New Android Games From The Last 2 Weeks (7/8/14 - 7/21/14)

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

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Featured App

Jigsaw Puzzles: 5000+

Today's roundup is brought to you by Jigsaw Puzzles: 5000+ From Banda Games. There are a lot of games on the Play Store that attempt to replicate the look and feel of a real jigsaw puzzle, but with its extensive options for difficulty and complexity, not to mention an admirable user interface, Jigsaw Puzzles: 5000+ is the one that deserves your attention. Every puzzle can be tackled with four piece number variations, with or without piece rotation. The game includes an extensive collection of free puzzles with even more available in both free and paid downloadable collections.

Engage yourself in entertaining, enthralling and musical jigsaw puzzle by downloading the free magic jigsaw puzzle maker app. People of every age can experience the fun with this puzzle app. Download the free puzzle game for android and experience the fun while simplifying the puzzle. With this particular app you can

• Convert your favorite images and pictures into puzzles

• Simplify the puzzles on your Android phone in the soothing musical environment

• Feel relaxed and emotionally connected by solving the picture puzzles of your near and dear ones

• Choose the beautiful thematic puzzle packs

• Get the free puzzle image every day and enhance the level of excitement

• Explore your ability by playing on four different Difficulty levels

• Use as many as 5000 images to simplify from a puzzle to a beautiful image

• Personalize the background your puzzle board by selecting images

• Use in game purchases and get even more beautiful puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles: 5000+ on the Google Play Store


Leo's Fortune

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Spectacular Platformer Leo's Fortune Is Live In The Play Store

Stop reading this roundup and go read Ryan Whitwam's review of Leo's Fortune . Tl;dr (you jerk): it's an old-fashioned platformer with great controls, some clever puzzles, and drop-dead gorgeous 2D visuals. If you want to see the exact opposite of the overplayed "pixel" art that doesn't seem to be going away, download Leo's Fortune and play a few levels. It's five bucks well spent.


Leo’s Fortune is an award-winning platform adventure game where you hunt down the cunning and mysterious thief that stole your gold. Beautifully hand-crafted levels bring the story of Leo to life in this epic adventure. Voyage through lush environments from mossy forests and arid deserts, to pirate cities and snowy mountains. Survive vicious traps and solve physics-based puzzles through 24 levels of treacherous platform adventure.

Leo's Fortune (Playboard) | Leo's Fortune (Play Store)

Wayward Souls

Android Police coverage: [New Game] The Popular And Punishingly Difficult Dungeon Crawler Wayward Souls Arrives On Android

Wayward Souls is an action-RPG that remembers its past while being made for the present. The game looks like it's straight off of the SNES (aside from some rather spiffy lighting effects), but the gesture and tap controls are designed to make the best use possible of modern touchscreens. That Dark Souls vibe you're getting from the grim atmosphere probably isn't an accident - the game is crazy difficult. It's $5 with no IAP, and more content planned in later updates.


Wayward Souls is an action-adventure game built for quick playthroughs and massive amounts of replay value. It was inspired by Spelunky, Secret of Mana, and our previous game, Mage Gauntlet. Procedurally generated random levels mean that every time you play the game, it's a different experience. Control one of six characters, all with their own unique playstyles, abilities, and equipment. Explore and fight for survival, in combat where your tactics, positioning, and timing matter.

Wayward Souls (Playboard) | Wayward Souls (Play Store)

Superfrog HD

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Team17 Resurrects Its 1993 Platformer Classic Superfrog On Android

Superfrog is a minor classic among platform game enthusiasts, and some claim it's the equal of outings from Sonic and Mario. Team17 (of Worms fame) has brought the original to the Play Store, and they're not content to sit on their laurels. This version has improved full-color graphics and animation, plus a nifty new "Endless Runner" mode if you're in the mood for something modern. Superfrog is a reasonable $3 with no IAP.


In 1993 the world witnessed the birth of a new type of super hero. Now, twenty years later, Superfrog is back. In the greatest traditions of fairy tales our story sees a handsome prince turned into a slimy frog by an evil and jealous witch… who, in turn, kidnaps the prince's bride to be and heads for the hills. Our little green friend happens upon a mystery potion (wow, how lucky was that?). Chugging on the vial, the frog prince is bestowed with amazing powers.

Superfrog HD (Playboard) | Superfrog HD (Play Store)

Guardians of the Galaxy: TUW

Android Police coverage: [Ooga Chaka] Marvel Releases A Guardians Of The Galaxy Action-RPG With No IAPs: You're Welcome

Oh look, another summer blockbuster release, another cheap tie-in mobile game with endless in-app pur... huh? Guardians of the Galaxy is a standard paid game, and it doesn't have any in-app purchases? And it's actually published by Marvel instead of being shoved off to one of the usual suspects for a cheap re-skin? AND it's based on the Battleheart style of 2D party-based gesture combat? Hang on, let me find five bucks to throw at this thing on principle.


Join Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax in an all-new adventure– Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon. Jump into battle to help the Guardians recover the five pieces of The Universal Weapon before it falls into the hands of the villainous Ronan the Accuser. Meet the legendary outlaw Star-Lord and his rag-tag crew: Rocket, a gun-toting alien with a quick draw and an even quicker temper; Groot, the tree-like being who packs a punch; Gamora the deadly and enigmatic assassin; and the revenge-driven Drax the Destroyer.

Guardians of the Galaxy: TUW (Playboard) | Guardians of the Galaxy: TUW (Play Store)

Fish Out Of Water!

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Halfbrick's Fish Out Of Water Comes To Android, Judged Best Game Ever By A Panel Of Crabs

Halfbrick has a penchant for making games that are both simple and addictive, and if the iOS version is any indication, Fish Out Of Water is another one. The main purpose is to fling your fish as far as possible out into the ocean like skipping a stone on a lake. Each one works a little differently, like Angry Birds, and each stage has interesting boosters and water effects to try out. Fish Out Of Water is free-to-play, but Halfbrick usually does a good job of avoiding onerous in-app purchases.


Launch a daredevil group of fishy friends to the sky in Fish Out Of Water, an adventure across the sun, sand and surf. This is a brand new mobile masterpiece from Halfbrick, creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. Fish Out Of Water is the story of six feisty fish longing to soar above the ocean. To help them get airborne, players simply throw their fish of choice right out of the water and watch as it flies through the clouds and skips merrily along the waves.

Fish Out Of Water! (Playboard) | Fish Out Of Water! (Play Store)

Magic 2015

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Magic (The Gathering) 2015 Brings An Updated Roster And Online Multiplayer To The CCG Standard

So it looks like the digital version of Magic: The Gathering is getting Madden-style yearly installments. That's fine by me, as it gives the developers a chance to improve upon the somewhat underwhelming 2014 version. The biggest addition is real online multiplayer via Google Play Games (which is kind of a big deal for a card combat game), but this version also runs a lot better and is easier to see thanks to a white background. You'll have to pay a ton of money for all the cards ($35 to start), but that's the case with the real cards as well.


Experience the world's best strategy game with Magic 2015—Duels of the Planeswalkers. Hunt bigger game in this all new adventure. Command powerful creatures and wield devastating spells to defeat your opponents in the most exciting Magic yet.

•Detailed tutorial makes it easy to start playing•The quickest way to learn the world's best strategy trading card game

•Sharpen your skills as you fight your way across the Multiverse

•Face ever-more challenging opponents

•Come face-to-face with legendary Planeswalkers on Innistrad, Theros, Ravnica, and more.

•Craft your ultimate deck from hundreds of cards•Open Booster packs to grow your collection and become more powerful

Magic 2015 (Playboard) | Magic 2015 (Play Store)

Bug Heroes 2

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Bug Heroes 2 Raids Android With A Blend Of Tower Defense And Third-Person Action

The original Bug Heroes never made it to Android, but developers Forsaken Media have seen the error of their ways with the sequel. This is a third-person action game wherein you take control of the leader of a squad of bugs Hell-bent on insecticide, taking out the other team. The game has impressive graphics and online multiplayer with a ton of different weapons and classes. The $2 game does include in-app purchases, but after unlocking the classes you won't be at a disadvantage to those who've spent more money.


Every day while you're gone, an epic battle of swords, guns, and armor rages on your counters, on your floors, and in your yard... Enter the world of the Bug Heroes. From the creators of Monster Adventures and Heroes & Castles comes a new adventure, blending fast paced action, strategy, and defensive gameplay. Master 25 unique heroes - from a hook wielding Waterbug pirate, to an old and wise Aphid sensei, a champion Bumblebee boxer, a grenade launching Worm, a poison obsessed Stinkbug, and tons more.

Bug Heroes 2 (Playboard) | Bug Heroes 2 (Play Store)


Android Police coverage: New Game: Cardcast Uses Chromecast To Put Multiplayer Cards Against Humanity-Style Gaming On Your TV

Remember that Casts Against Humanity game that the creators of Cards Against Humanity forced a name change upon? This is like that, only nicer. Here's the gist: you select a random card that's basically one part of a Mad Lib, then challenge the other players to fill in the blank with the funniest, grossest, or most poignant response they can. This one uses your Chromecast, because it's there and why not.


Cardcast is an open-format, card-matching party game for the Google Chromecast and Android TV.

Playing is easy:

1. A judge draws a call .

2. Players submit responses that match or complete the call.

3. The judge picks a favorite response.

4. Rinse and repeat.

Call and response decks are pulled from the http://www.cardcastgame.com API. Play with the most-popular decks or create your own.

Cardcast (Playboard) | Cardcast (Play Store)

Game of Thrones Ascent

Android Police coverage: [New Game] In The Free-To-Play Game Of Thrones Ascent RPG, The Lannisters Aren't The Only Ones Who Pay

Ascent is an Android port of a popular browser game based on the Game of Thrones TV show. It doesn't have gratuitous nudity and insane violence, but this text-based RPG does have lots of military strategy and political intrigue. The massive amounts of story crammed into the title tells you all about George R.R. Martin's Ice and Fire universe while you play competitively against other player-controlled houses. Watch out for the IAP system - the kingdom runs on gold, not blood.


Disruptor Beam's award-winning game based on HBO's Game of Thrones has come to Google Play. See what 4,500,000 players are already raving about. Build your noble house, embark on quests and rise in power in the Strategy RPG based on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones and George R.R. Martin’s novels A Song of Ice and Fire. Your quest begins in the days before the mysterious death of the King’s Hand. With over 2,500 quests and dozens of adventures, your decisions impact how the story unfolds.

Game of Thrones Ascent (Playboard) | Game of Thrones Ascent (Play Store)


Android Police coverage: [New Game] Fightback Fights Its Way Into The Play Store After Beating Up On iOS

Ah, for simpler times, when video games involved beating the crap out of 10,000 faceless thugs in a 2D plane. Actually, there are still plenty of games that will let you do just that, but Chillingo's Fightback is trying to take things to a new level with impressive graphics and a gesture-based control system. It's an interesting take to be sure, and worth a try for any fan of beat-em-ups, just consider the requisite EA in-app purchases as optional.


When there is no justice, there can only be vengeance. Thugs have kidnapped your sister but they’ve picked on the wrong guy. It’s time to Fightback. This app offers in-app purchases. You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings. From the award-winning developer Ninja Theory comes a new standard in mobile fighters. Stunning visuals, unique controls, and a vibrant design come together to bring you the pinnacle of mobile fighting games.

Fightback (Playboard) | Fightback (Play Store)


Android Police coverage: [New Game] Pay $3 To Win: FFFFF2P Makes A Statement On The Lamentable World Of 'Free To Play' Games

FFFFF2P is a lampoon of all the worst parts of the free-to-play system that's plaguing mobile gaming at the moment. At least it would be, if it weren't for the fact that the somewhat ridiculous in-app purchases in the game are, in fact, real. Is it still a artistic stand against a corrupt system if you're getting paid for it?


A tongue-in-cheek, retro platformer with romance, baddies and free-ness. Princess Pixel is being held captive by Ug, the evil ogre. Its up to YOU to rescue her and restore order to the world. This is not going to be easy. To save the Princess, you’ll have to run, jump, and close, close, close, close, close, close, and close the ads Ug hurls at you. Don’t get squashed. Can you collect enough coins to ransom the Princess? Visit the store and purchase items to help you on your quest. Eat some candy to run faster and jump higher.

FFFFF2P (Playboard) | FFFFF2P (Play Store)


Android Police coverage: [New Game] iOS Users Love Nuts, And Now Android Users Can Too

Nuts is a pretty standard endless runner that's become inexplicably popular over on iOS. You play a squirrel running up an endlessly tall tree, which accounts for the game's one unique feature: the "road" is the circular trunk that you run along with tilt controls. Maybe it's the cute factor of the Disney-style character designs, or maybe it's the way they occasionally burst into flames and hit super-sonic speed that's made this game so popular. Either way, it's free with in-app purchases.


Help Jake, your nimble squirrel hero and his squirrel friend Miranda dodge branches and climb to new heights on the majestic Infinitree. Dodge branches OR find special powerups and smash right through them. Collect coins to unlock upgrades in the forest store. Complete over 40 fun and exciting challenges. What are you waiting for? Get Nuts.

Nuts! (Playboard) | Nuts! (Play Store)


Android Police coverage: [New Game] Strangely Popular Facebook Game And Minecraft Clone iLands Comes To Android

This game is basically Minecraft for people who don't know about Minecraft. Since Minecraft is also available on the PC (where iLands got its start) and Android, the only real draw here is that it's free... with the usual caveats. At least they remembered to include the multiplayer mode.


Build your dream island in a 3D, blocky world. Play with your friends in real-time.

● Claim your own randomly-generated iLand and customize it to your liking.

● Build into the sky, over the water, or under the ground. The only limit is your imagination.

● Relax on the beach, discover underground caves.

● Visit your friends' iLands, build and hang out together.

iLands (Playboard) | iLands (Play Store)

F18 Carrier Landing II

A true flight combat simulator would have about sixty seconds of pulse-pounding combat hidden somewhere in ten hours of training and another two hours of paperwork. This game has incredibly painstaking graphics and simulations... but all you do is take-off and land. Granted, the game has 30 missions and 10 planes (including the F-35, which presumably can't get off the flight deck), hidden behind in-app purchases in the free version but available in full in the reasonable $6 full version.


Flight simulator for mobile devices. The most advanced aircraft carrier landing system ever created. Landing on an aircraft carrier is one of the most difficult tasks a pilot has to execute. The flight deck is only 150 meters long, just enough to stop the aircraft. Accept the challenge, take on over thirty missions in the world's most dangerous and spectacular scenarios and join the best Top-Gun pilots. Take control, climb into the realistic 3D cockpits and fly the most famous military aircrafts, faithfully reproduced.

F18 Carrier Landing II (Playboard) | F18 Carrier Landing II (Play Store)

Battle Fleet 2

The original Battle Fleet was basically Scorched Earth meets Battleship. The sequel improves on the original with more ship classes and upgrades, better 3D graphics, and more intense multiplayer (across iOS and Android, no less). You can also take turns on a single device like the good old days. Anyone hankering for strategic turn-based battles with a little naval spit and polish should check it out - the game is $3 (at the moment) with no in-app purchases.


Battle Fleet 2 is the radically improved sequel to the original and has kept the “Worms” / “Scorched Earth” style angle+power mechanic, but now features full 3D modeling of terrain, ships, and ship hit locations. Hit the the engines and cripple the enemy's maneuverability, or aim for the command center and disable the ship for an entire turn. Ships are more realistic in which weapon compliments they can carry, and ship control is more intuitive.

Battle Fleet 2 (Playboard) | Battle Fleet 2 (Play Store)

Rogue's Tale

If you don't know what roguelike is by now, you probably won't like them. If you do, you enjoy randomized levels and permanent death, not to mention an insane amount of "retro" pixelated graphics. So if dungeon-crawling one square at a time for equal amounts of randomized battles and epic loot is your bag of holding, pick this one up - it has no ads or in-app purchases.


Travel the world, searching for the biggest and baddest foes to beat, looting treasures and gaining strength. Become the best warrior of the land.

  • Large, procedurally generated dungeons full of riches
  • No In-App purchases or advertisement. Buy it and play it.
  • Over 120 enemies to defeat
  • Five playable classes
  • True 'rogue-like' experience made right for mobile gaming

Rogue's Tale (Playboard) | Rogue's Tale (Play Store)

har•mo•ny 2: a harmony sequel

In Harmony 2 (no, I'm not hunting for those special characters) you swap tiles around until all the colors on the board are lined up nice and neat. The wrench in the works is that each block must be swapped on the same vertical or horizontal plane (think rooks in chess) and can only be moved a set number of times. Beaten levels can be saved as wallpaper, which is kind of interesting. The visuals and music place this one squarely in the "zen" category. $2 with no IAP.


har•mo•ny 2 is an immersive puzzle game of beautiful color palettes and beautiful music… blended in perfect harmony. Relax your mind with over two full hours of mesmerizing ambient music by Hammock - including rare and unreleased tracks. Music playlists are arranged in harmony with the mood and style of each set of colorful palettes… We love color and har•mo•ny 2 gives you color in abundance. Hundreds of handcrafted levels, rich with color and organized into paths for your exploration.

har•mo•ny 2: a harmony sequel (Playboard) | har•mo•ny 2: a harmony sequel (Play Store)

Lionheart Tactics

Since Square Enix seems hell-bent on making us wait decades to play Final Fantasy Tactics, this might be as close as you can get. It's got the usual isometric turn-based RPG party combat, but also includes 3D graphics (approximately N64 level) and online multiplayer. There's a basic story, but the clear draw is online multiplayer... which will inevitably be skewed thanks to the currency-based in-app purchases.


Rally your Heroes. Plan every move in this FREE tactical RPG with stunning 3D graphics. Adventure across the realm or take your fight online to challenge the world. Set in a land on the brink of war, Lionheart Tactics pits your Heroes against hordes of enemies in turn-based combat. Unlock their Skills, unleash their Limit Breaks, and upgrade them from Recruit to Legendary. Forge your own story as you travel from the wild hills of Midland to the frozen Splinterpeaks, uncovering new allies and epic weapons along your quest.

Lionheart Tactics (Playboard) | Lionheart Tactics (Play Store)

Sonic Jump Fever

Do you think this game looks a lot like Sonic Jump? That's because it is. For some reason, Sega decided to redesign and re-release the original, now with 100% more FREE and probably somewhere in the vicinity of 40% more in-app purchases. So, yeah, this is the Amazing Spider-Man of Sega mobile games. It does have a few more fast-paced moves than the original, but it also seems noticeably easier, and the original wasn't that hard.


Catch the FEVER in an explosive race against the clock. Compete with Sonic and friends in high-speed bursts of vertical jumping mayhem. FREE and based on SEGA’s hit Sonic Jump. Prove you are the best. Rack up huge combos to blast past your friends’ high scores. Use boosters, upgrades, unique character abilities to maximize your score. Then kick into overdrive with Fever Mode and hit the top of the Leaderboard.

Sonic Jump Fever (Playboard) | Sonic Jump Fever (Play Store)

Transworld Endless Skater

The skating genre on consoles is infamous for knuckle-twisting button combinations, so maybe this developer can be forgiven for going simple with a new mobile game. Transworld has the speed and the atmosphere to match bigger and more complex games, mostly thanks to the music and the real-world pro skater avatars. But this is a free-to-play title, so prepare to grind (in the not-fun sense) until you're one giant scab or pay for the in-game currency. At least there's a $2 option to disable the ads.


Flip, Grab, and Grind your way to the longest runs and highest scores in Transworld Endless Skater. Choose from five top pro skaters, each with unique skills, trick lists, and goals, as you play toward getting them on the cover of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. Endless levels challenge you with an ALL NEW endless way to play - Target Score. Pile up as many points as you can, hitting score targets to add extra time on the clock. How long can you last?

Transworld Endless Skater (Playboard) | Transworld Endless Skater (Play Store)

Cannon Crasha

Cannon Crasha combines elements of builder games like Tiny Tower, conventional 2D tower defense titles, and Worms. You build up your offense and defense to alternately shoot, spell, and march on your enemy while he does the same. The medieval fantasy setting has a basic story that's played out in pixelated form, but I have to say the chiptune music is more annoying than nostalgic. Free with in-app purchases.


Two opposing castles on one battlefield. Destroy each other with a comically large cannon, armed units and an armada of spells. See the destruction on each castle in real time and strategize your cannon shots by using the right artillery, watching the constantly shifting wind and aiming for the essential parts of your enemies castle. Up the ante by rushing towards your enemies with strategically summoned armed units and react to the enemies actions with defensive maneuvers and spells.

Cannon Crasha (Playboard) | Cannon Crasha (Play Store)

Delivery Outlaw

Do you like Snuggle Truck? Do you wish it could be more EXTREME, but not quite as offensive as Smuggle Truck? Do you also wish it had a bit of Trials flavor, and also IAPs? Then prepare to be amazed, surprisingly specific gamer. Get to the end of the level without crashing or losing your package, and you're home free. The game is published by Adult Swim, so expect the usual irreverent humor.


Crashing your race-car into the courthouse was bad…But community service as delivery boy to a crime boss? KIND OF AWESOME. So hop behind the wheel and put the pedal to the metal as JACK GUNNIT, disgraced daredevil-turned-deliveryboy, forced off-road and outside the law by the mysterious LILY BREAKER. You’ll need to keep your skills sharp and your thumbs twitchy as you launch, flip and tumble your fragile and OFTEN LETHAL cargo through nightmarish terrain and deadly pitfalls.

Delivery Outlaw (Playboard) | Delivery Outlaw (Play Store)

Kindly Colors

Kindly Colors is your basic Bejeweled-style puzzler, but it allows you to chain together matches of two colors instead of just one. That's... well, that's about it. If you just love this genre and want to try something new, it's worth a shot, especially if you want a simple and bright game to contrast with all the match-3 RPGs we've been getting lately.


Join the colorful and pictorial universe of Kindly Colors. Have fun combining friendly colors together in an original and elegant puzzle game. Use your finger as a brush to connect blocks and draw bicolor chains. Relax, take your time to visualize all possible matches and find the best combination. Many bonuses will let you trigger colorful chain reactions. Compete with your friends by logging in with your Facebook account. So, do you think you have the artistic flair, will you get the highest score?

Kindly Colors (Playboard) | Kindly Colors (Play Store)


This is Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores. It's like one of those awful Cabela's hunting game clones that Glu makes, if someone gave Arthur Conan Doyle a producer credit. Oh, and in the short time it's been available on the Play Store, it's become insanely popular. And why not? It's got a variety of big, scary dinos to shoot, and lots of crazy guns to shoot them with. Just remember that this is Glu, so you'll have to pay through the nose to get the good stuff.


Hunt or be hunted. Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition of a lifetime to kill the ultimate game in Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores. Journey to a hidden, untouched Jurassic island and kill the most ferocious animals in history. Encounter Jurassic beasts long thought extinct, from the docile stegosaurus to the terrifying T. rex. Kill dinosaurs in lush and dangerous Jurassic environments like the shipwreck-strewn coast, overgrown jungle and dinosaur boneyard.



Anuman's Gods VS Humans now has a freemium version. If you couldn't afford a dollar when this unique little management game came out, now you don't have to. Unfortunately, both versions seem to be plagued by game-crashing bugs at the moment, and the Play Store review ratings have plummeted as a result.


Protect the Heavens and be respected by humans. Humans are building a tower to reach the Kingdom of the Gods. Embody one of these divinities to foil their attempts. But, be careful not to kill them with your special powers, because your survival depends on their devotion. Discover a fun universe and loveable characters from great Nordic, Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Japanese civilizations. Embody 20 ancient Gods and show your followers that you're more than just a myth.

GODS vs HUMANS - FREE (Playboard) | GODS vs HUMANS - FREE (Play Store)


Destiny is "the new Halo," or at least it's the next ambitious game from Halo's original developers. The console shooter-RPG-MMO-thingy is currently in beta, and this companion app lets you follow your character's progress. The standard gaming social features are included, like access to the official forums and in-game chat. This app works across PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. It would work for the PC as well, but there is no version of Destiny for the PC, because Bungie hates you.


From the creators of Halo and Bungie.net, the official Destiny Companion App connects to your Destiny adventure wherever life finds you. Inspect your Guardian, analyze player stats, and compare your Grimoire score. Keep in touch with your friends in the Bungie Community via forums, groups, or private messaging and track them down on the PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE. And, receive the latest news and updates about Destiny.

Destiny (Playboard) | Destiny (Play Store)

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