SocialShare JS Library


This is a simple libray to make your web page shareable fast and easy. Its allow to include the social share link of the major social network to your page.

See the demo here:

CDN repository:


Just include the social-share.css and social-share.js files.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="social-share.css">
<script src="social-share.js"></script>


The SocialShareJS don't dependents of none library, but its uses the FontAwesome 5 Fonts, so take sure you have included it in your web page.

<script src=""></script>

Get Started

To have the social share buttons just put the class ss-box in one or more of you containers

<div class="ss-box"></div>

Selected Social

If you want to select specifics social share network just add the data-ss-social attribute in your container.

<div class="ss-box" data-ss-social="facebook, pinterest"></div>

Change Link

For defaults the SocialShareJs put the atual page location as share link but you can change it just including the data-ss-link attribute in your container.

<div class="ss-box" data-ss-link=""></div>

Custom Query String

In some of social network shares you could want to put a query string available just to specific social network, so to do that just include

data-ss- NAME_OF_SOCIAL_MEDIA = "key1:value1, key2:value2" attribute,

for example

include data-ss-messenger = "app_id:123456" , so it will include the query string &app_id=123456 in messenger share link, or

include data-ss-email = "subject:SocialShareJS is amazing" , it will include the query string &subject=Email Subject in

email share link.

<div class="ss-box" data-ss-social="messenger, pinterest, email" data-ss-messenger="app_id: 123456" data-ss-email="subject:SocialShareJS is amazing"></div>


Hide Social Network Name

If you want to show just the icons without the name of Social Network just include data-ss-content attribute with value false .

<div class="ss-box" data-ss-content="false"></div>

Rounded buttons

If you want to make button with circle shape just include the class ss-circle in ss-box container.

<div class="ss-box ss-circle" data-ss-content="false"></div>

Flat buttons

If you want to make button without rounded border just include the class ss-flat in ss-box container.

<div class="ss-box ss-flat"></div>

Button with Shadows

If you want to put shadow in button just include the class ss-shadow in ss-box container.

<div class="ss-box ss-shadow"></div>

Just Move On...

If you want to customize the share buttons like you want just do it adding css effect in your code.

	/*your code*/