BVSelect - VanillaJS Fully Customizable SelectBoxes

BVSelect - Vanilla JS

Replaces native select elements with fully customizable dropdowns.

Even though this replaces native select options, you can still use Form Submit , Onchange Events and Attributes as you would with normal usage.


JQuery Version:


  • :wrench: Fully Customizable
  • :muscle: No Dependencies, built with VanillaJS
  • :earth_americas: Tested in All Modern Browsers (IE11 not Included)
  • :sunglasses: Images & FontIcons
  • ⌨️ Normal Usage (Multiple Selection included)
  • :mag_right: Built-in Searchbox
  • Prevented Viewport Overflow


1 - Include JavaScript Source.

<script src="path/to/bvselect.js"></script>

2 - Include Styles.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/bvselect.css">

4 - Set HTML.

<select id="selectbox">
  <option data-separator="true"> Select Option </option>
  <option value="1"> Option 1 </option>
  <option value="2"> Option 2 </option>
  <option value="3" disabled> Option 3 </option>
  <option value="4"> Option 4 </option>

3 - Initilize.

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
        var demo1 = new BVSelect({
          selector: "#selectbox",
          searchbox: true,
          offset: true




Removes dropdown, unbinds all its events and brings back the original Select



Updates current dropdown based on changes to the original selectbox.

Get ID:


Returns the ID that was generated to build dropdown, so you can add custom classes.


Name Value Default Description
width px or % 100% Specify the width of the main element
searchbox true or false false Add a search box to the list
offset true or false true Fixes Viewport Offset


document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
        var demo1 = new BVSelect({
          selector: "#selectbox",
          searchbox: true,
          offset: true


Name Value Description
data-separator true or false Highlights an option
data-img Image Source Adds an Image to option
data-icon fa fa-hashtag Adds an FontIcon to option, can be used any provider as long it is identical. Images will be prioritized over icons.
disabled (native) disabled Disables an option

To add FontIcons, you must include it's own sources


<select id="selectbox">
    <option value="##" data-separator="true" selected>Select Option</option>
    <option data-img="path/to/img.png" value="--">Cristiano Ronaldo</option>
    <option data-icon="fa fa-hashtag" value="--" >Lionel Messi </option>
    <option data-img="path/to/img.png" value="--" disabled>Neymar Jr. (Disabled)</option>
    <option data-img="path/to/img.png" value="--">Ronaldinho</option>
    <option data-img="path/to/img.png" value="--">Luis Figo</option>

All CSS styles are fully customizable in order to match your style

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any themes?

It doesn't need themes since the CSS is fully customizable, you are able to change everything to match your style.

In addition to design, what changes?

Replaces the original SelectBox but you can use it as you would with a native one, OnChange Events, Attributes, Form Submit, Append/Remove Options, everything.

What about Browser Compatibility?

It was tested successfully in every modern browser (IE11 not Included)