OpenSolaris-Derived Illumos Project Turns Five Years Old

OpenSolaris-Derived Illumos Project Turns Five Years Old

Written by Michael Larabel inOracle on 3 August 2015 at 06:24 PM EDT.Add A Comment

Today marks five years since the announcement of Illumos , the community-based derivative of OpenSolaris to create a fully open-source operating system.

Five years later,Illumos continues to be the central effort leading the open-source Solaris effort and is utilized by distributions from NexentaStor to Joyent's SmartOS toOpenIndiana. Sadly for OpenIndiana, the "robust enterprise OS" built on Illumos, their most recent build (151a8) is now nearly two years old.

The open-source Solaris community isn't as nearly vibrant as it once was under the Sun, but it's great to see five years later the efforts proceeding over at .

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