JQuery Removes the element where the child is not

Jquery remove the form label, not content

Hello i need to remove a form tag but non the content: <form id="form"> <div> not remove this only the form tag</div> </form> $form = $('#form'); $form.replaceWith($form.html()); Should do what you need.

The jQuery touchmove stops working when removing the child

I have two divs: <div class="main"> <div class="child" /> </div> I've created an event listener for the main element which enables the user to drag the child element around map.bind('touchmove', function(f) { if (map.

How to remove the child's action in asp.net mvc3

how can i remove the child action in asp.net mvc3. I mean i am having partial views and main views. In the url bar when i entered the child page then it should not load. for suppose my main page is localhost:5820/Home/Index Then when i enter localhos

jquery removes empty elements and their empty children

So I have dynamic content and want to remove empty elements and empty child elements (if any). There is a few scenarios that occur: HTML <p> </p> <p><img src="image.jpg" /></p> <p><strong></strong>

As3 - this.addChild () when gotoAndStop (), the child does not delete

This may be a beginner's question. I have been using this.addChild() to add MovieClips in this. But as I noticed, the child in this doesn't mean it is in the current frame, so I use script to remove the child when I change the current frame. Does tha

Jquery remove the direct child element

Using jQuery, how can I remove an anchor tag in my html body which also consists of a wrapper div, and this wrapper div is above the anchor tag that I want to remove. It is like <body> <div id="wrapper"> <a id="not_me" h

CSS adjust the style of the element where his child has class

Is there a pure CSS way to adjust styling of an element where its only child does not have a class? For example: <a><img class="avatar pro"></a> <a><img class="avatar"></a> And I only want to style &

Jquery removes the var element

I have a page with a parent div and several child divs. These are generated dynamically. I need to save the structure (html code) of all the child divs in my database, so I get the html content using .html(). But before I save the content in db, I ne

jQuery, remove the padding added to the toggleClass element

I am animating a hidden div with slideToggle. since it has a fixed position on top, I want to add animate the padding top of that container div 'under it' with the current height of the hidden div. However the class toggles correctly on click, and th

JQuery - Unable to find the item ID after removing the child item

I'm trying to remove a the 'row' div with query after the 'del4' button is selected, and then rename all the inputs within the remaining row div(s). To rename the inputs in the remaining row div(s), I want to loop through the children of the 'sortabl

Jquery removes the attribute of the element before the current

Here Is My Code <a target="_blank" href="/pics/2016/03/21/56efb593855ae56efb5938599556efb59385d80.jpg" title="Click For Larger View"> <img src="/pics/2016/03/21/56efb593855ae56efb5938599556efb59385d80.jpg"

jQuery - removes the element if the body area exists

I am using jQuery animate to change the position of multiple elements on the page (decorative elements). I want the element to be deleted if it exits body area. (if left is larger than body width or top is larger than body height). The following can

JQuery animates the child element of div relative to the window

I have two div elements; in one element I have child elements that I want to animate to a position on the other div. However when I animate, the child element animates to the position relative to the parent but I would like it to be relative to the w

The jQuery job removes the identifier but not an element

I have a bunch of spans, I can click on each of it and this element will be with id="active" for example. But how to remove id="active" from previous element? $('#active').attr("id",''); $(this).attr("id","acti

JQuery removes the added element

I'm trying to have a form fade away then show a message "connecting your call" then after 3 seconds the "connecting your call" message fades away and after 30 seconds the form comes back. The form is hiding and coming back just find I