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Projects and members of the Bitcoin Cash community often need to share important information with otherBCH enthusiasts. If you are involved with the cryptocurrency, there’s a website you can use to shorten URLs, with each shortlink featuring theBCH name.

Also read: How to Easily Convert Funds From BTC to BCH Provides Stats About Shortened Links is an easy to use online tool developed by the crypto market stats and charting data website for the Bitcoin Cash community. Its main purpose is to address the need for a URL shortener, generating links that can be shared for example on Memo and Blockpress, two social media platforms using the Bitcoin Cash network.

By incorporatingBCH in the new URLs, the website promotes the cryptocurrency which has seen rapid development of applications and services in the past two years. To shorten a link you need to first paste the original one into the “Enter URL” box. Then you have to click “I’m not a robot” and the “Shorten URL” button.

The website will generate your new link which starts with followed by a unique ID that can be a short number or a combination of letters and digits. Saving your custom link ID will allow you to later look it up and pull statistical data such as the number of clicks, the country they originate from and the date when it was created.

The platform will also give you a “Quick Share” text containing link and a brief description or the title of the article you are linking. You can share it directly on Facebook and Twitter using the dedicated buttons or copy it to post it elsewhere. The website displays a list of the recently shortened ULRs and the most links. is a major source of information about all things Bitcoin Cash. On our news page,, you’ll find many posts you may want to share with otherBCH fans, including articles covering the latest developments related to Bitcoin Cash including new apps and services facilitating the use ofBCH.

Do you know or use any other crypto-related platforms to shorten links? Let us know in the comments section below.

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