20 Free New Cool and Best Twitter Backgrounds You can Use

Twitter is big giant in social networking. It has more users than facebook. and people are very active on it. Social networking is an integral part of everyone's life who has the facility of internet. these site helps us to keep in touch with our friends and relatives in our busy schedule and also helps to build our online identity. To impress others or look great in real life we wear cloths, watches and other things but in online world we do it via attractive profile pictures and with beautiful backgrounds. To build your online presence you must have a catchy intro bio of your self and a cool profile picture. if you are a twitter addict then you must also change default background with some free custom twitter background. Below are some COOl wallpapers that you can set as your background

Typography in twitter bird
  Great Racing Car
  Transformers Deadly Cat
  Coloful Dotted background
  Glowing twitter background
  Batman the dark night rises
  Bey blade Dragon Tycoon
  Musical strings
Amazing City photography
  Halloween Twitter backgrounds
  Abstract layers
  Gone Clubbing
  Cool wooden Wallpaper for background
  The Outer Universe
  Microsoft Redesigned
  Flowers and lightning illustration
  3D Blue twitter background
 Cars race in blur background