Linux: The future of OpenSolaris


since OpenSolaris is more or less abandoned by Oracle, is there a nice alternative that implements the unique features of OSOL? ZFS is one thing, but I liked the image creation system, that let you create images of a master system and then distribute it quickly to other computers. This was an effort to simplify creation of clusters.

According to the Wikipedia page of OSOL , there’s Illumos , which is a fork of OSOL, with all closed source parts replaced by open source parts. Illumos is in active development.

But is Illumos an alternative to OSOL, with all it’s features? Is anyone using it and could tell us his or hers experiences?


Illumos is not a full replacement to OSOL and I don’t think it will be in the future since it’s intended to be a base from which others can build a distribution. But check the Nexenta OS, this system is heavily based on OSOL and they are one of the main sponsors behind the Illumos project. Although I haven’t used it personally and I wouldn’t know whether it has what you need.