Vuln Cost – immersive VS Code extension to surface vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scanning in VS Code

Find security vulnerabilities in open source npm packages while you code. Receive feedback in-line with your code, such as how many vulnerabilities a package contains that you are importing. And the best thing is, it’s FREE.

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Detect vulnerabilities in third-party open source packages automatically while you code.

Find security vulnerabilities in the npm packages you import:

See the number of known vulnerabilities in your imported npm packages as soon as you require them!

See your project vulnerabilities inline,

as you code:

See feedback directly in your editor. Vuln Cost displays the number of vulnerabilities your packages add to your project.

Find security vulnerabilities in your JavaScript packages from well-known CDNs:

Vuln Cost scans any HTML files in your projects and displays vulnerability information about the JavaScript packages you download from your favorite CDN.

See in-depth information about your vulnerabilities:

Access relevant resources that will give you deeper information about the vulnerabilities that directly affect your project.