Lenovo's New 595-Gram Portable Display: The ThinkVision M14 USB-C Monitor

At the Mobile World Congress trade show, Lenovo has introduced a new portable display designed specifically for workers on the move. The ThinkVision M14 monitor matches design of the company's ThinkPad notebooks, weighs like a modern tablet, and is thin enough to be held in a cabin luggage. Our Lenovo demonstrator described it 'like paper'.

The ThinkVision M14 display features a Full HD 1920x1080 resolution, 300 nits brightness, and a very advanced anti-glare coating. The whole device is 4.6 mm thick, weighs 1.3 pounds (595 grams), and even has a height adjustable foot for additional viewing comfort. The ThinkVision M14 connects to the host using a USB Type-C interface and requires no additional power adapter. Furthermore, the display supports USB Type-C pass through, so users can charge their laptops while using the LCD connected to a USB-C port, or just daisy chain the monitor with another USB-C device.

One of the key advantages that the ThinkVision M14 has is its anti-glare coating. When we encountered the display at MWC 2019, we literally thought that this was a mockup with a printed image on it. In fact, the anti-glare coating of the LCD looks even better than the one used on ThinkPad laptops, something that clearly deserves praise.

Modern workloads often require use of a large display, or two smaller monitors. While both can be installed at a workplace, it is impossible to travel with a 24-inch or larger LCD, therefore many people find it uncomfortable to do their regular routines on a laptop. Numerous companies in the recent years have introduced portable 15-inch monitors designed specifically for travelling. While these LCDs are good enough for their purpose, Lenovo’s ThinkVision M14 was designed specifically for the latest ThinkPads and has a number of advantages, such as a USB-C pass through, an adjustable stand, and a very sophisticated anti-glare coating.

The display is set to hit the market this May at a price of $249.