UI helps to make the consistent User experience in product

UI helps to make the consistent User experience in product

I have made a UI component plugin to help to make consistent product and improve user experience. This is especially for beginners who don’t know to create according to the developer and manage all design assists.

So here the easiest way to make consistent and manage your design assists.

UI Components

From here you will choose the component which is useful for your product and you will see lot’s of an element to help on making fastest and easily create the product from this plugin helpful for whole teach team.

Here are some components mostly used in any product like Alerts, buttons, Tabs, Nav etc..

How it works

It’s a really easy concept to follow the process :

Step 1: choose the component

Step 2: Select one element for here.

This two steps you have to take your elements for your product or if you want to add your custom element in our plugin or you can customize from our elements.

Here are the ways how to do this:

Step 1: Type your title name and upload you customize file here.

Step 2: Once your file uploaded add now.

Step 3: Now this file added in your library

So this three-step you have to do to add your custom element and this product only design it. if anyone needs this product to develop so comment on it here. I will share with you the file.