原作者:Craig Chapple 译者:Vivian Xue

“没有好设计,营销就如无米之炊”(You can’t spell marketing without design.),Those Awesome Guys工作室创立者Nicolae Berbece如是说。

在2019年的Quo Vadis开发大会上,Berbece探讨了如何一开始就把营销整合进游戏设计中,而不是在开发过程中或开发结束后考虑这件事。



1. 分享(Sharing)——散播你的游戏

2. 参与(Participating)——吸引其他玩家加入游戏

3. 刺激(Exciting)——关注游戏细节

I love daily match(from gamasutra)



内容营销是另一个重要方面。许多游戏都向玩家开放内容创作功能,如《小小大星球》(Little Big Planet)和《超级马里奥制造》(Super Mario Maker)。



在别的媒体行业,此类营销的一种形式是推荐码(referral code)——通过邀请好友为公司带来业务,从中获得回报。

游戏行业运用这种方式的一个例子是《雨中冒险2》(Risk of Rain 2)在Steam上的买一赠一活动。





另外一款以某个特色出名的游戏是WarpFrog的《刀剑和魔法》(Blade and Sorcery)。游戏的攻击范围(hitbox)设计得很不错,用户经常在Reddit订阅栏目“HitBoxPorn”里分享相关视频动图。


就此方面,他认为《Genital Jousting》(一款扮演男性生殖器官的竞技游戏,游戏邦注)采取了正确做法。

此外,Berbece谈到开发者可以通过一些“沙雕方式”营销游戏。比如一条关于《不动就会死》(Move or Die)奇葩机制的推特段子引发了玩家的共鸣,获得了大量讨论转发。



You can’t spell marketing without design, says Those Awesome Guys founder Nicolae Berbece.

Speaking at Quo Vadis 2019, Berbece discussed how marketing can be baked into the game design document from the off, rather than simply being something thought about during and after development.

He highlighted how old arcade games would market to passers-by displaying high scores when the machine is not being used, laying down a challenge to potential players.

For modern games, Berbece defined marketing at the design level into three categories

Sharing – Broadcasting your experience

Participating – Getting other players to join the game

Exciting – Attention to detail

1. Sharing

For this part, Berbece referenced games by Zachtronics, some of which display to the user how well they’ve done during a game compared to other players. Players can then share this by hitting the ‘record GIF’ button and sharing that on social media.

There’s also user content marketing. A number of games have been built around the idea of allowing players to make the content themselves, such as LittleBigPlanet and Super Mario Maker.

In the PC space meanwhile, the modding scene has spurred on huge games such as PUBG and DayZ. The latter in particular led to an increase in sales of ArmA 2.

2. Participating

In other mediums, this might be known as the referral code – getting something in return for sharing with a friend and bringing in business for a company.

An example with games could be a buy one get one free deal, as was done for Risk of Rain 2 on Steam.

Another way to get people to either encourage friends to buy a game at the design level is to use achievements, such as ‘play in a game with seven or more players from your friends’ list’.

3. Exciting

This element covers attention to detail or something that makes your game stand out in particular. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 got numerous headlines in the media for months for having horses’ balls shrink during cold weather.

Non-gimmicky features can also gain traction meanwhile, such as the ping system in Respawn’s battle royale hit Apex Legends.

Another example given of a small company utilising a special feature to gain publicity is WarpFrog with its Blade and Sorcery game. Because it has good hitboxes, the game is a popular mention on the SubReddit ‘HitBoxPorn’, where users share videos and GIFs about games that have really good hitboxes.

Something controversial can also be backed into the game’s design from the off. Berbece expressed his sadness how games like Hatred have used this, in turn gaining them notoriety.

He instead used the example of the game Genital Jousting as doing this the right way.

Lastly, Berbece also discussed “stupid ideas” that developers can use to help spread the word of their game. One example he gave was a mechanic considered for Move Or Die that would let players agree on an embarrassing tweet, which would then be tweeted out on the loser’s account.

In conclusion, Berbece stated: “A game’s success is most of the time defined by external factors, but maybe sometime it’s baked right inside the game design document.(source: PocketGamer.biz