12 Best AI & ML Based App Ideas that’ll Make Money in 2020

According to recent research of PWC , 72% of business leaders said they believe AI is going to be fundamental in the future and they termed it a “business advantage”. No doubt, AI is one of the most crucial future technology which is being opted by many businesses — small or big — rapidly.

12 Best AI & ML Based App Ideas that’ll Make Money in 2020

With over 1 billion active iOS powered device users and 2 billion active Android-powered device users, the custom mobile app development sector is providing the most profitable and captivating markets to develop and sell the most advanced digital solutions to the users all across the globe. There are about 4 million unique mobile applications on this operating system, most of which have similar functions.

Machine learning is a crucial and integral part of Artificial Intelligence which are widely used in software development services. Also, it had an impact on mobile applications development and has become a potential market for implementing software that can adapt to user behavior.

Now these days, everyone wants a customized user experience according to their specific needs. Therefore, it is not enough to develop a decent mobile application catering to the need of all kinds of users. Let machine learning or artificial intelligence work for you. Apps powered by machine learning can transform your mobile applications that user’s can dreamed of. This has opened the way for some cool applications.

Now, let’s discuss some mobile app ideas based on AI or machine learning where you can apply machine learning techniques:

IDEA 1: AI based Apps for Healthcare Tools & Equipments

By the year 2020, artificial intelligence will have a major impact on the healthcare industry. AI / ML applications help analyze data from patients and also help improve results. This means that AI based apps can be used as decision enhancement tools that improve reliability, predictability, quality, and work stability along with security.

Have a look at some examples:

1. BillyScreen is a popular mobile app that uses AI and ML tools, computer vision algorithms and smart cameras to detect increased levels of bilirubin in the white part of the human eye. It is also being used to detect various critical health conditions such as pancreatic cancer.

2. Redivus Health is an intuitive mobile app that is widely used by many healthcare providers to prevent medical data errors. It also provides uninterrupted clinical decision support during medical documented events in real-time basis.

IDEA 2: AI Based IT Services Apps

With the rising digital world, cyber attacks and data hacks are becoming a growing reality. One of the best ideas is to use AI or machine learning in IT solutions, security and services to step in for the mark. Businesses can create AI platforms and mobile applications for IT services and security for various workloads of computing systems.


AI2 is an AI based platform, developed by MIT’s Computer Science, Pattern X and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSIL). This platform claims to predict cyber attacks with its proactive contextual modeling that is a continuous feedback loop between an artificial intelligence system and a human analyst.

IDEA 3: AI Based E-commerce Apps for Selling Products

Artificial intelligence technology can give client-centric websites a competitive edge and is becoming readily available to a plethora of e-commerce companies of any size or budget. AI & machine learning is now enabling e-shoppers to associate products with the right color, size, shape and brand. Many customer-centric web applications are already becoming more sophisticated with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and are expected to grow in the future.

Here are examples of AI based eCommerce app:

1. Amazon’s most popular Alexa app is a popular artificial intelligence tool that helps learn the algorithms of Amazon’s targeted marketing base. Alexa allows Amazon to know which goods and services will have the most demand according to the customer searches and also share personalized recommendations.

2. eBay also uses artificial intelligence in order to maintain a competitive edge in the market. The eBay shopbot platform is useful for finding different products using NLP (natural language processing). Therefore, it is clear that machine learning is a crucial part of eBay’s business strategy.

Similarly, you can use the AI feature to make your eCommerce applications more feature packed for your clients. You can get mobile app development solutions for transforming your idea into reality.

IDEA 4: AI Based Cybersecurity Apps

Artificial intelligence has also benefits in cybersecurity. On one hand, technology is empowering various firms to provide more intelligent and effective protection against cyber attacks. The availability of artificial intelligence based open-source frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caf, and Torch strengthens and automates data security at scale.

Here are a few examples-

1. LogRhythm is using top end security solutions for various firms to detect and respond to different cybersecurity threats. The company’s machine learning profile helps in detecting threats and other online anomalies.

2. A brand like CrowdStrike uses cloud-based endpoint security software which is called Falcon that offers prevention against cyber and proactive threats in various industries such as retail, healthcare, and finance.

IDEA 5: AI Enabled Power, Energy & Cost Saving Apps

With AI & ML technology, electricity providers can effectively optimize power generation efficiency and can help predict future energy loads at granular levels. For instance, the concept of a “digital wind farm” by GE Renewable Energy comprises AI software that monitors turbine movement and helps enhance energy generation levels by up to 20%.

The Codegreen Energy mobile application is saving billions of dollars with its energy-efficient AI enabled technology. The mobile application compares the efficiency of energy levels of thousands of buildings in order to determine if they are in compliance with the laws showing their Energy Star score.

IDEA 6: AI Enabled Story Telling App

Do you like listening to stories or reading books on the radio? Trust me, these stories do not always come as you want to- it could be due to a busy schedule or various other reasons. The Storyteller mobile app will ensure that you can listen to your favorite books or novels, read to you in a true storytelling format.

Simply paste in the story’s PDF or Word file or link to the app, and the mobile app will read it not as a dictation but as a professional narrator. This mobile app will also pre-determine your style of storytelling based on the hierarchical analysis of the received story.

IDEA 7: AI Enabled Online Recruiting Automation Apps

Artificial intelligence effectively automates the recruitment process like screening, candidate sourcing, and job matching, so it is one of the good app ideas that you can think of. AI based technology focuses on various other recruitment tasks and reduces its efforts by searching the internet for the right aspirants.

Today, smart employers are widely using AI-enabled recruitment mobile applications to find the right candidates who have not been considered for job roles in the past, not because they were well qualified, but because they appear in search results or did not appear.


Recruitment chatbot is the best AI enabled recruitment tool that uses natural language to understand the text entered by the users. One of the main features of a recruitment chatbot is to offer real-time communication to the candidates and to schedule an interview with the recruiter.

There are AI based tools that help in marketing the best recruitment channels using targeted messaging, tech-enabled automation and analytics. In the year 2019, AI-enabled recruitment marketing tools will be the best technique in order to advertise your company among job candidates.

IDEA 8: AI Enabled Fast Learning Apps

The concept of AI or machine learning tools has changed the way we read, search, and write text. There are advanced AI or machine learning applications that understand, search and read for you, this will also help researchers to learn about the development of the latest technology, tools and information.


1. Udemy is one of the best examples of a learning mobile app that provides a wide gamut of courses for personal development, web development, and many more. You can also learn to play the guitar, Udemy offers dozens of courses to help.

2. Goodreads is also one of the best ways to learn almost anything about technology, fiction, self-help, etc. The app has more than 40 million registered members and growing. The app helps users find the right book at the right time.

IDEA 9: AI Enabled Smart Conversational Interfaces

Interactive interface is the latest trend in this digital era that focuses on how people interact with the system. Big brands such as Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft are strongly focused on the development of different conversational interfaces.


1. The Starbucks iPhone mobile app is a good example of a conversation interface that earns you rewards, allows you to interact with chatbots and can search the stores. The virtual assistant they use is “My Starbucks Barista, an AI based technology that can also clarify menu items and prices.

2. Another popular example is Bank of America’s chatbot called Erica which helps bank clients make financial decisions such as balancing checks, making payments, analyzing expenses and making suggestions. Users can easily download Erika to their mobile phones and chat via voice or text message.

IDEA 10: AI Enabled Market Prediction Apps

Now these days, market traders need to be updated at every step of the market. The use of AI or machine learning app in the modern stock market keeps the shares rising and falling on a daily basis. You can also get help building a portfolio, check the real-time market value of any stock, get help understanding stock charts, market trends and everything from your mobile phone.


1. For live market updates, NetDania Forex is one of the best app that sends you quotes on global stock exchanges, currency pairs, and major commodities. This mobile app sends you live notifications when economic data is released.

2. FRED Economic Data is one of the best apps for those unfamiliar with economic data which is a repository on your mobile phone with thousands of time series for various economic data points all across the world.

IDEA 11: AI based Prediction for Vulnerability Exploitation

The AI or machine learning applications is a great idea to predict when any particular vulnerability in a part of the software applications will be used by attackers. This also allows us to have days or even weeks before new attacks.

This is really a powerful problem, but by focusing on just a simple classification of “will be attacked” or “will not be attacked”, we can easily train the exact model with a high reminders.

IDEA 12: AI Enabled Finance & Accounting Apps

Artificial intelligence or machine learning features is affecting many industries and the fintech and accounting industries are no exception. Today finance and accounting professionals are using AI or machine learning to make their work easier through practices like quick data entry and reporting.

Have a look at a few examples:

1. Zero accounting mobile apps speed up the execution of financial information and send live updates on bank feeds, turnover, cash flow and more.

2. VOD is a popular and easy to use POS system that sends financial updates directly to the consumers from stores or stores. This platform also has great reporting capabilities.

Let’s Wrap Up:

So we have seen a list of AI or machine learning app ideas that will definitely help your business to grow well. In the year 2020, artificial intelligence has become powerful tools for all types of companies. Although large corporations have been a leader in the use of machine learning and AI, a large number of small businesses are already using these technologies to enhance their competitiveness through efficiency, innovation, and productivity.

If you are a business and want to have your own AI enabled app, you can choose artificial development company that provide feature packed app solutions on AI. There are many companies which provide AI enabled mobile app development services in India. You can choose the best one and get your mobile app built.