Jquery Image Gallery - Slippery Images

Jquery Image Gallery with vertical vignette navigation?

I am looking for a Jquery image gallery which have vertical thumbnail like at the following page. http://realtyexecutivesofnewyork.com/product_detail.php?ml_num=2275875. Can anybody point out me to something similar jquery solution. ThanksIn my opini

How to load the loading of local images using the jQuery Image Gallery plugin

I am using jQuery-Image-Gallery jQuery plugin. It is a full-screen jQuery photo gallery. I downloaded it and is working fine in its demo. It loads images using an ajax request to flickr. It is as follows; $.ajax({ url: 'http://api.flickr.com/services

jQuery image gallery

I am not sure if this will be right place to ask the question, but I have spent las 2 hours on Google trying to find something. Im looking for image gallery/sideshow that will look like the one on dell web site. www.dell.com Can anyone direct me to o

Jquery image and legend swap by clicking on thumbnails

I am trying to create a simple jquery image gallery, where clicking a thumbnail button (1 per image) swaps the image by means of a fade and swaps the text caption. I have divs containing the images absolutely positioned one on top of the other, and a

jQuery Image Upload - CodeIgniter

I use jQuery Image upload like this http://blueimp.github.com/jQuery-File-Upload/ I get the thumbnail and after clicking the upload button I get the progress bar, but then get 'SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character' view page </body> </ht

Fade In jquery image overlapped my Fixed Header

This is the jquery <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { $('#showhidetarget').hide(); $('a#showhidetrigger').click(function () { $('#showhidetarget').toggle(150); }); }); </script> This is my sticky header n

Why does not this jQuery image card work on WordPress

Hello I have made a jQuery image map on codepen but when I transfer it to my clients WordPress install it no longer works? The WordPress site is made with genesis and I thought that may be causing the problem... I also replaced $ with jQuery to stop

Error on jQuery image rotator

While i making some kind of jQuery image rotator, i met problem. Where is that problem? http://jsfiddle.net/thisizmonster/6a6fv/3/ $(function() { setInterval(function(){ var currentImg = $(".background-image img.active").attr("rel"); v

The jQuery image slider loads all images at once

I have a jQuery image slider on the header section of my website that displays images periodically in an automated sliding motion. Now the problem is when you load the page for the 1st time(nothing is cached), it loads all the images in the slider at

Javascript or jQuery image carousel with dynamically loaded images and links

Is there a good javascript or jQuery image carousel that will display 5 images and if there are more, the user can click next and the following image sources and link URLs will load through AJAX? It's very possible there are thousands of images and e

jquery image transition

I have a button in a website that I'm making for a college project (Website that sells music). Im using a buy button which looks like the one from Apple's app store: image1 http://ryanholder.co.uk/img/buy_button_5.99.png image2 http://ryanholder.co.u

How to build a simple jQuery image slider with a drag or opacity effect?

Some of us might not want to use ready plugins because of their high sizes and possibilty of creating conflicts with current javascript. I was using light slider plugins before but when customer gives modular revise, it became really hard to manipula

Preload order of jQuery image

I'm having troubles adapting a jQuery image preload script in just one aspect: I can't figure out how to ensure, that my images are loaded/displayed in the order of my image array. At the moment every time I reload the page the images are displayed i

Problems that recall an animation function while making a jQuery image gallery. Next / Previous Buttons

this is my first ever post to Stack Overflow and it's because I've been tearing my hair out over this issue for the past day. I'm pretty new to jQuery and have a basic understanding of how things work but I'm really struggling with getting a function