Nikon Rolls Out Firmware 1.4 for Its New COOLPIX W300 Camera

Nikon has just announced the availability of the 1.4 firmware version targeted at its new COOLPIX W300 digital compact camera, which promises to remove a bug that prevented the unit from turning on when it went to sleep with a track log active. 

If you have been encountering this issue, first ensure your camera’s currently installed firmware isn’t either newer or matching this release, and if all is ok, format a memory card using the device.

Now, save and run the appropriate package compatible with your computer’s platform (available for both Mac OS and Windows operating systems), and transfer the newly created “firmware” folder onto the memory card.

Take into account that the firmware includes two updates: one for the camera and one for the GPS module (the latter upgrade will begin automatically when you turn on the unit after completing the first update). Also, back up all images stored on the device as these photos will be erased.

Now, insert the memory card into the camera and turn it on, select Firmware Version, and follow all instructions displayed on-screen for a complete and successful installation. Once finished, remove and format the memory card used in this process and check the currently installed firmware to make sure it reads version 1.4.

Bear in mind that removing the memory card/battery, turning off/rebooting the camera, making use of its buttons, or interrupting the upgrade in any way can lead to serious malfunctions.

With this in mind, download Nikon COOLPIX W300 Camera Firmware 1.4 for your appropriate operating system, apply it using the steps above and check back with us as often as possible to be aware when a newer version is available for your camera.