Pipenv: If this project is dead, just tell us

Duplicate of #3742 and the 6 or so similar issues already linked there.

As of writing, it's been 381 days and 669 commits since a release. Please consider the impact of the project maintainers' silence regarding the lack of a release on:

  • people who are continuing to contribute PRs that will never see a release
  • people who are deciding today, without knowing the project is dead, to commit their own projects to using pipenv
  • the existing user base, who again may not realize it's time to move on and are continuing to deal with bugs that have been fixed in master for months

I'm not mad, I don't think you're bad people, but the least y'all can do is be honest with us about whether or not we should move on to something else. If there's actually a chance that we'll get a new release ever, then great. If not, tell us.