Latest trends favoring HTML5 Mobile App Development with Sencha Touch

html5 mobile app development

Sencha organization did a survey to know about the true place of its framework and HTML5 in the mobile application development market. The results of this poll cum survey were very promising. More than 70% of the developers who took part in the survey were either using or planning to use HTML5 for developing mobile apps . The percentage of developers using HTML5 for web based mobile applications are much more in comparison to the native applications being developed using HTML5.

Sencha touch is one of the best frameworks to develop cross-platform web applications using the power of HTML5 . The enthusiasm of the developers to use HTML5 has opened new ways and paths for the success of Sencha framework. Sencha offers an easy way for developers to reach customers who are now using multiple mobile platforms. The popular development approach is a balance between the mobile and desktop applications. And Sencha touch is the most feasible way to implement this approach.

Another important data which came out of the survey was the percentage of total applications targeted for a particular device. The Sixty percentage of developers build apps for Android phones, fifty-five percent for Android tablets, fifty seven percent of iPhones and fifty-eight percent for iPad. The percentage of Windows has depreciated rapidly with increasing interest in other platforms like Symbian and Blackberry. So it looks like the market has converted into a plethora of mobile platforms being used. Sencha touch developers take this market trend as a very good opportunity. This framework allows developers to create apps that can seamlessly run on the above mentioned devices and platforms.

The increasing interest of developers in HTML5 mobile app development and cross application development, is a great sign for a Sencha developer .

Latest trends favoring HTML5 Mobile App Development with Sencha Touch

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