jQuery EasyUI 1.3.5 发布

jQuery EasyUI 1.3.5 发布,此版本修复了bugs和增加了一些改进。

  • searchbox: The 'searcher' function can not offer 'name' parameter value correctly.
  • combo: The 'isValid' method can not return boolean value.
  • combo: Clicking combo will trigger the 'onHidePanel' event of other combo components that have hidden drop-down panels.
  • combogrid: Some methods can not inherit from combo.
  • datagrid: Improve performance on checking rows.
  • menu: Allows to append a menu separator.
  • menu: Add 'hideOnUnhover' property to indicate if the menu should be hidden when mouse exits it.
  • slider: Add 'clear' and 'reset' methods.
  • tabs: Add 'unselect' method that will trigger 'onUnselect' event.
  • tabs: Add 'selected' property to specify what tab panel will be opened.
  • tabs: The 'collapsible' property of tab panel is supported to determine if the tab panel can be collapsed.
  • tabs: Add 'showHeader' property, 'showHeader' and 'hideHeader' methods.
  • combobox: The 'disabled' property can be used to disable some items.
  • tree: Improve loading performance.
  • pagination: The 'layout' property can be used to customize the pagination layout.
  • accordion: Add 'unselect' method that will trigger 'onUnselect' event.
  • accordion: Add 'selected' and 'multiple' properties.
  • accordion: Add 'getSelections' method.
  • datebox: Add 'sharedCalendar' property that allows multiple datebox components share one calendar component.

下载: jquery-easyui-1.3.5.zip