Android 11's smart home power menu controls spotted in the wild

We've known that Android 11 plans to integrate smart home controls into the long-press power menu, building on thewallet functionality it already added, and we've even seen mockups for what it will look like . But today we've received a report of the change live and in the wild on a Pixel running Android 11 DP4.

Screenshots of smart home controls in the power menu.

We don't know how it works in action since we don't have it to play with ourselves, but the new controls appear about as we expected them to, beneath the power and emergency options in the power menu (though the Google Pay/wallet functionality isn't present for our tipster). The name of the home appears top center next to a Google Home icon, with a three-dot overflow menu to the right and the Quick Control tiles themselves below.

Although these controls are supposed to work with many of your Assistant-integrated smart home gadgets, like smart locks, blinds, cameras, and thermostats, either our tipster's home is only loaded with smart lights, or functionality is more limited right now.

We think the screenshot on the right may be accessed via the three-dot menu on the left, allowing you to customize the tiles that appear in the Quick Controls. However it is accessed, the option to change those controls is present. The text below the home name in that screenshot translates from Portuguese (via Google Translate) into, "Choose controls to access via the on/off button menu." The button on the bottom says, "Save."

Our tipster says everything is "working flawlessly" when it comes to the new integrations, and it's curious that the functionality would be live for him on DP4. Yesterday, Google rolled out the first Android 11 Beta release to a handful of folks , perhaps accidentally, given the company previously said the release would be delayed. But apparently, all the functionality required for the power menu smart home controls it is present already on DP4.

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  • Diogo Hayakawa