Zynga teams up with Alec Baldwin for 10th anniversary of Words With Friends

Zynga and Alec Baldwin have been a good match ever since the actor got kicked off a plane for playingWords With Friends as the jet was about to take off.

So the San Francisco social mobile game publisher and Baldwin have teamed up to celebrate the game for its 10th anniversary.

Zynga has started a “creative collaboration” the with Emmy Award-winning actor, producer, and director. He will lend his signature wit to humorous video vignettes that will be released over the next several months.

“It’s incredible to think back to my early days playing Words With Friends,” said Baldwin. “From playing on sets between takes, with colleagues, filmmakers and crew, to now, with my daily matches with my father-in-law in Italy, the game has been a constant in my life over the past decade.”

“Alec Baldwin not only partnered with us on this campaign, but was a true co-collaborator, from the early creative planning to the shoot,” said Bernard Kim, president of publishing at Zynga, in a statement. “He didn’t just bring his chops as an actor to set, he worked with our team to develop the concepts, hone the dialogue and be a true creative force for this content series.”