Hack: Build an innovation library

Need more structured knowledge? Nothing better than a good book. They don’t switch off when you run out of battery, and they magically decrease the average time needed to fall asleep by 90%.

Ask for a €100 budget to build a mini Innovation Library for your team. Here are a couple of fundamental titles:

  • The Lean Startup , by Eric Ries. The revolutionary book that unveiled the efficient way to go from idea to market fit. It is as mainstream as it is good.
  • Lean B2B , by Etienne Garbugli. How to apply Lean Startup in a B2B context.
  • This is Service Design Thinking , by Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider. The Bible of Service Deisgn, with multiple tools that every team can use.

No time to read a whole book? There’s an App for that too. It’s called Blinkist : it reads the books for you and offers summaries of great non-fiction books.

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