12 tricky principles to read today on DevOps

DevOps means a concept to bring Development team and operation team together.

12 Points on DevOps useful to know for your project and interviewsTo deliver rapidly without affecting qualityCommunication and Collaboration are the key ideas in DevOps conceptMultiple deploys are possible- if code in Development team automatedOnce you commit the repository, it tests the code automatically against the automated test scriptsIf Build is successfully passed, it installs automatically in Testing environment When infrastructure is automated, it installs automatically to other serversMinor changes takes place in isolation, that means , it creates separate server to deploy minor changesSpeed in Devops, organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.Quality and Security teams are part of DevOpsAutomating the process, much better productivity than manual workVery frequent and small updates possible in DevOpsDevOps has multiple benefits Related Posts 6 Secrets …