Issue 84: September 16, 2019

The weather's starting to turn, which means that conference season is picking up. I'll be talking about GitHub Actions at Techorama NL , VS Live Chicago and Microsoft Ignite , so be sure to stop by and say hi if you're there, too!


  • Use Performance Counters in .NET to measure Memory, CPU, and Everything
    Instrumenting your .NET code will help you understand how your application is using memory and CPU, reporting right to Windows or Azure performance monitoring tools.
    Michael Shpilt
  • Moving from jQuery to Vue
    jQuery is still a ubuquitous JavaScript library, even over a decade after it was first released, but is it getting long in the tooth? What if you started looking at Vue instead of jQuery?
    Shawn Wildermuth
  • Writing My First Custom GitHub Action
    In part 3 of Abel's look at GitHub Actions, he looks at how to write your own custom reuseable action as a node.js project and then use it to create workflows to build and test your repos.
    Abel Wang
  • How to Contribute to an Open Source Project
    The way most of us get started with open source is finding a project that we want to use but is missing one little feature… so what's the next step to contributing when that happens?
    Sarah Drasner
  • Proxying packages with GitHub Package Registry and other updates
    GitHub Package Registry adds new features as it moves towards general availability, most recently the ability to proxy packages to the primary npm registry.
    Alex Mullans

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