Expo for Professionals

Coming to Expo: a new open-source repo, TypeScript, best-in-class APIs, custom native code, more platforms, and much more

Expo developers include a wide variety of people making apps with Expo in different ways. To learn more about the most popular apps made with Expo we talked to developers and looked at production apps and found that most of them are made by professionals as part of a business. People who use Expo for business use it sometimes everyday and rely on it in part for their livelihoods as professional programmers.

Over the past few months we’ve been working on features and structural changes to the Expo platform to better serve skilled professionals and give them the agency to build high-quality apps with pride. Today, we’d like to share with you: how Expo is changing to increase agency for developers, our focus on quality and rigor, improvements to the developer experience, and some of the future direction of the Expo project.


  • Developer Agency: Open-Source-First Development, One License (MIT), Self-hosted JS, Self-built Standalone Apps, and Custom Native Modules
  • Craft, Quality, and Rigor: High-quality APIs, Stability, Robust Tests, React Navigation 3, and Beyond Android and iOS
  • A Professional Developer Experience: Expo CLI 2, TypeScript, Single-SDK Builds, and Teams
  • The Future: SDK 31 and Modern JSC; Background APIs; 64-bit APKs; Paid Services; and Speed, Quality, Universality, Stability, and Flexibility