JQuery changes the attribute and modifies it

Mac OS changes the creation and modification dates of a folder

What is the easiest way to change the creation and last modification dates of a folder (and recursively contained items) in Mac OS?I believe following find/touch should work: find /target/dir -exec touch '{}' \; From man touch: touch -- change file a

Jquery: change the attributes of the button and its siblings by clicking

I have divs with buttons. If div is cover, the button's text is 'Cover' and it's disabled. Other buttons have text 'Set as cover' and are enabled. If I click on other button, it should change its text to 'Cover' and become disabled. The one that was

Jquery select the attribute and insert another attribute in the element

Would appreciate if somebody could help me with something like this: NOTE!: I Do not have any class or IDs the title itself is what I use to select the element Example: <a title="name"></a> Insert a attribute into the element so it l

Changing the height and width of Div via Jquery

I'm trying to fill the div container with square boxes. Why doesn't this line work? I can't seem to change the height and width of my div #gridSquare. $('#gridSquare').css({"height": "38.4", "width": "38.4"}); I'm l

How to change the attribute when only when the image loads?

var light ="http://www2.breakpoint.com.eg/site-content/themes/break/images/webdesign/webdesign_thumb3a.jpg"; $('#lightbox').animate({ top: '0px' }, 1000, function() { $("img#portimg").attr({ src: 'images/loading.gif', style: 'margin-to

change the attribute of a button to submit

Please help me to find how to change the attribute of a button to submit using JQuery when button is pressed. For example, when I press a button with value 'OK', it should change to type 'submit' and value become 'Save'You can do like this: $('button

JQuery changes the input type

This code doesn't work what's wrong? $(".re").focus(function() { if($(this).attr("type") == "text") { $(this).attr("type", "password"); } }); It's supposed to change the input text type from text, to passw

jQuery: change the width of fancybox

I'm showing different types of images on a site. Attached to every image I want to add some text. I have written this text in the title-element in the html document. This text is a few sentences long. What happens now is that the fancybox becomes rea

How to change the font and color of UIRefreshControl

I'm trying to add a pull to refresh to my table view controller, so I have worked on the functionality and then I'm working on the layout. The functionality works perfect but I have some issues related to the layout, I want to change the font and fon

Manually changing the date and time of a file

I'd like to manually change the date and time for a specified time by invoking SetFileTime or something similar but on ASP Classic. As far as I know, ASP File Object provides method for retrieving the creation & modification times for the file but pr

Jquery change name attribute

I've got a JQuery function that attempts to change the id, name and class of an element. The id and class change seems to work but for some curious reason, trying to change the name of the element never works. $(document).ready(function () { $("table

jquery changes the background color of div to blink

I want to change the color of div and change it back to the original colur after a second. but I want to do it 2-3 times in a row to get the attention of the user. here is the jquery code which changes the color to red and changes back to the origina

Change the title and font of the alert message using UIAlertController in Swift

I am trying to change the title and message font for an alert shown using UIAlertController I am trying to do using an NSAttributedStirng, but it gives compiler error that a NSAttributed string cannot be taken instead of Stirng I tried something simi

Change the height and source of an iframe

I have an iFrame on my page and a list of links underneath. I need the links to change the source and height of the iFrame and also go to the top of the page, to a named anchor "top", when clicked. Possibly using jQuery? Any suggestions?Yep it i