Analysis of Data Job Descriptions

Build your Data Science Resume with the Right Keywords

Deep Learning, Management, Convolutional Neural Network, Big Data, Collaboration, Analysis, Machine Learning

Dec 4 ·3min read

Did Medium’s suggestion algorithm pick up on my subtitle? If I were job searching, should I use similar tactics?

In the world of ATS systems, it’s paramount your resume hits the “hot buzzwords” based on your seniority/state. ATSs match based on keywords and as an entry level data scientist currently applying, any leg up on passing the resume screen is vital.

In this quick article, we’ll cover the most frequently used words in job descriptions utilizing spaCy for these popular job title groupings…

  1. Entry Level
  2. Mid Level
  3. Manager

And these 4 states…

  1. California
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Washington
  4. New York

Please note — I’m not an expert on the cutoffs between each level as I’ve made assumptions based on position titles. Follow my jupyter notebook at the end of the article for suggestions/improvements :)

NLP Details

Word tokenization, stop word removal, and filter to include…

Parts of Speech: ADJs and NOUNs


Notable terms: Research, Analysis, Skills

Notable Terms: Team, Machine (Learning), Experience

Notable Terms: Experience, Team, Business, Management

Title Summary

After reviewing the findings, most of the data points to what our gut tells us. A few key findings between job titles

1. Data is the most frequently used term in job descriptions with entry level roles seeing the most frequency.

2. Team, Business, Development, Management, and Product are at the top of manager job descriptions.

3. Experience, Research, Team, Machine, Learning occur more frequently in mid level positions than entry level.

Notable Terms: Business, Machine (Learning), Skills

Notable Terms: Business, Product, Technical

Notable Terms: Development, Research, Clinical

Notable Terms: Experience, Data, Team

State Summary

After reviewing job descriptions by state, a few takeaways emerge.

  1. Massachusetts — Clinical and ability appear in the top ten of mentions (unlike rest of states) and development is nearly mentioned two times more than other states.
  2. New York — Ranks lowest on experience and team mentions but highest on data
  3. Washington — Product and technical appear in the top ten of mentions (unlike rest of states) and leads mentions of business
  4. California — Near average of the other three states with the exception of analysis appearing in its top ten mentions