MATLAB: The canceled loop takes more time each successive iteration

/edit: The loop doesn't become slower. I didn't take the time correctly. See Rasman's answer.

I'm looping over 3 parameters for a somewhat long and complicated function and I noticed two things that I don't understand:

  1. The execution gets slower with each successive iteration, although the function only returns one struct (of which I only need one field) that I overwrite with each iteration.
  2. The profiler shows that the end statement for the innermost for takes a quite long time.

Consider the following example (I'm aware that this can easily be vectorized, but as far as I understand the function I call can't):

function stuff = doSomething( x, y, z ) = x+y+z;
    stuff.two = x-y-z;

and how I execute the function

n = 50;
i = 0;
currenttoc = 0;
output = zeros(n^3,4);
for x = 1:n
    for y = 1:n
        for z = 1:n
            i = i + 1;
            output(i,1) = x;
            output(i,2) = y;
            output(i,3) = z;
            stuff = doSomething(x,y,z);
            output(i,4) =;
            if mod(i,1e4) == 0 % only for demonstration, not in final script
                currenttoc = toc - currenttoc;
                fprintf(1,'time for last 10000 iterations: %f \n',currenttoc)

How can I speed this up? Why does every iteration take longer than the one before? I'm pretty sure this is horrible programming, sorry for that.

So, the problem gets largely eliminated when I replace the if statement with:

if mod(i,1e4) == 0 % only for demonstration, not in final script
    fprintf(1,'time for last 10000 iterations: %f \n',toc); tic;

I think the operation on toc may be causing the problem