Reading and writing by bit from binary files

Reading and writing strings in C ++ binary files

I'm trying to develop a small Windows application to improve my C++ skill outside MFC framework and to help my studies about foreign languages. I would like to make a small, personal and easy-to-port_and_use dictionary and, while I have no problems i

Reading and writing hexadecimal data from a file with Perl

I have a Perl script that creates files, and I want to write into their resource forks, in order to specify the default application they should be opened with (I can't just change it using get information in Finder, it keeps reverting). I could find

Reading and writing an array in a file using cython C functions

I am instantiating a class in cython. I want to declare one of the instance which is an array of float values once by computing it with a given function and save it in a binary file using c functions. For the further call of my class if the input fil

How to read and manipulate a variable from a file with a bat?

What do I want to do: 1. Run a bat file and save its PID in a txt file. 2. Run another bat that reads the previously stored PID from the txt file. 3. The second bat kills the process with the read PID from the txt. What do I have: In the first main b

Reading and writing C ++ vector to a file

For some graphics work I need to read in a large amount of data as quickly as possible and would ideally like to directly read and write the data structures to disk. Basically I have a load of 3d models in various file formats which take too long to

Reading and writing the value from a text file using the vbscript code

i have a variable named 'data' i need to write in to a textfile named "listfile.txt".Can you tell me the vbscript code to do that..And i need vbscript code for reading value from textfile "listfile.txt" alsoTo Write Set objFileToWrite

Do you have problems reading and deleting some lines from a file?

The point of this program is to remove certain sports teams and their members from a text file, then overwrite the original file with the new set of values. This is attempted by reading the values into an array, then looping through the array and del

Reading and writing text to a new file - Matlab

I have a file that contains a full set of values for some sentences which have transcribed for a speech recognition program. Ive been trying to write some matlab code to go through this file and extract the values for each sentence and write them to

Reading and writing time values ​​from / to a spreadsheet using GAS

I really thought I was starting to understand how this works until I tried to distil a test case for this question and am totally confused again. With a google spreadsheet you can write a custom function like this: function dateToSeconds(date) { var

Reading and writing C struct from built-in lua

I'd like to embed lua to allow scripting in my C++ application. In particular, I have two structs which I'd like to pass as arguments to a given lua function. One will be read-only, the other will be read/write. Highly simplified examples of these st

Python library capable of reading and writing variable assignments in Makefile files?

I am looking for a solution that would allow me to modify Makefile files from inside Python. I don't need any special functionality, usually I need only to change variables like: SOMETHING := value but I would prefer to be able to use an existing lib

Reading and Writing UTF-8 from Query String PHP

I need to be able to pass music sharp and flat symbols around in a query string and also display in a utf-8 browser. The displaying part is straight-forward by using html entity representations for sharp and flat symbols. Flat - ♭ Sharp - ♯ It's the

Reading std :: string from binary file

I have a couple of functions I created a while ago for reading and writing std::strings to a FILE* opened for reading in binary mode. They have worked fine before (and WriteString() still works) but ReadString() keeps giving me memory corruption erro

Reading and Writing Arraylist to Text File

I'm having a problem with reading and writing arraylist to a text file. Specifically with reading. What I'm trying to do is read from a text file and transfer it to an array list. After which i would edit the list and write it back to the text file.