DragonFly Capital 谈变与不变

We fundamentally believe that there’s going to be…Bitcoin isn’t the only thing that’s going to succeed in the space. There are going to be other investments that succeed at least in the rough order of magnitude as a Bitcoin or Ethereum, but they might look very different from a Bitcoin or Ethereum, and it’s way too early to call now and say what are the patterns of how those investments are going to play out, so we try to remain agnostic and we try to, also, let our mind to be change year-over-year and not get stuck on any particular paradigm. If you were back in 2016 or 2017 and you were like okay, great. This is how value gets created in crypto you would be totally unequipped to invest in the landscape today because crypto just looks completely different than it did two or three years ago, and I suspect that two or three years from now we’ll see the same level of transformation just because the space moves so quickly.