Bashible: An Ansible-inspired deployment/automation tool written in Bash (DSL)


Bashible is a deployment/automation tool written in Bash (DSL). Inspired by Ansible. Simplifies things and prevents usual mistakes.


  • improved readability
  • unhandled failures prevention
  • skipping already done tasks
  • command chaining
  • working directory always as expected
  • variable checking
  • dependencies; calling sub-scripts
  • delayed tasks executed on finish
  • child termination handler; no processes left running
  • modules: template engine, config editing, etc.
  • nice output

At the moment, bashible has been used on Arch linux. It may not be compatible with other platforms, because it internally uses GNU/sed, grep, etc.

Suggestions and bugfixes are welcome! :-)

Example output

Example script.bash

@ represents a block of tasks, - represents a task. Both @ and - are just bash functions with arguments.


# the working directory is automatically set to the script's
# all tasks will stop execution immediately on failure, unless prefixed by "may_fail"

@ Synchronizing files
  - result synced rsync -av /foo /bar

@ Shutting down the machine
  - when synced
  - when test -f /etc/do-shutdown
  - shutdown -h now

@ Sending an e-mail unless synchronization succeeded
  - when not synced
  - mail <<< "synchronzation failed"

Rewritten into pure Bash, the example above could look like this,


cd `dirname $0`
set -eux -o pipefail

echo Synchronizing files
if rsync -av /foo /bar; then
  echo Shutting down the machine
  if test -f /etc/do-shutdown; then
    shutdown -h now
  echo Sending an e-mail unless synchronization succeeded
  mail <<< "synchronzation failed"

See also examples in the example directory.

Install & usage

Install bashible and it's modules (sourceable functions - here just one module, "edit"). Copy everything to the same directory.

chmod 755 bashible
chmod 755 bashible.edit
mv bashible /usr/local/bin
mv bashible.edit /usr/local/bin

Run the script

bashible my-script.bash ARG1 ARG2 ...

or put she-bang in the beginning of the script and then run it directly


run it

./my-script.bash ARG1 ARG2 ...


core functions

file-editing functions - found in bashible.edit module

template engine - found in bashible.template module


timeout - found in bashible.timeout module

in_timeout SECS COMMAND ARGS ...

network-oriented functions - found in module

wait_for_tcp MATCH up|down


Write more docs and examples.

Modularize. The bashible core in the version 1.0 should contain only necessary functions and should not ever change. For instance, the delayed and unless_already COMMAND ARGS ... functions now need two temporary files. These files are created on every bashible startup. These functions should go into optional modules instead.

Create tests. Bashible uses GNU/grep, GNU/sed and other programs which may not work properly on all platforms.

Make bashible multiplatform.

Create more modules and/or integrate existing Bash libraries.