Accelerating Standard C++ with GPUs Using stdpar

About the Authors

About David Olsen

David Olsen has more than two decades of software development experience in a variety of programming languages and development environments. For the last several years, he has been the lead C++ compiler engineer on the NVIDIA HPC Compiler team. He is a member of the ISO C++ Standards Committee, currently working on support for additional floating-point types.

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About Graham Lopez

Graham Lopez leads product management for high-performance computing compilers at NVIDIA. Previously, he worked with applications to run at scale on current and upcoming leadership-class computing facilities. In addition to his direct engagement with HPC applications, Graham has published research in the areas of programming models, computational science, application acceleration and benchmarking on heterogeneous systems, and low-level communication APIs. Graham has been a member of the ISO C++ Standards Committee for the past three years.

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About Bryce Lelbach

Bryce Adelstein Lelbach has spent nearly a decade developing libraries in C++. Bryce is passionate about C++ evolution and is one of the leaders of the C++ community. Bryce chairs INCITS PL22, the US standards committee for programming languages. He is also an officer of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21, the C++ Standards Committee. He chairs the C++ Library Evolution Group (LEWG); previously he chaired the C++ Tooling Study Group (SG15) and Library Incubator Group (SG18). He is also the program chair for the C++Now and CppCon conferences, and the chief organizer of the Bay Area C++ User Group. On the C++ Committee, he has personally worked on the C++17 parallel algorithms, executors, futures, senders/receivers, multidimensional arrays, and modules. Bryce works at NVIDIA, focusing on programming language design and evolution. He leads the CUDA C++ Core Libraries team and works on the NVC++ compiler. He is one of the initial developers of the HPX parallel runtime system. He also helped start the LLVMLinux initiative and has occasionally contributed to the NVIDIA GPU Boost C++ libraries.

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