The iPhone 7 home button doesn't work if you're wearing gloves

O ne of the key changes in theiPhone 7 has been the introduction of a new pressure-sensitive home button, which instead of clicking, responds with a vibration when pressed.

The solid state design helps to make the phone waterproof, as well as being more durable, although the loss of the satisfying mechanical click of the old home button has been met with a mixed reaction.

There is one big problem though: most pairs of gloves, or any material in between the thumb and button, make the new home button useless. While previously, a gloved hand would only prevent users from unlocking an iPhone using theTouch IDfingerprint scanner, with the iPhone 7, it makes it impossible to unlock the phone.

This is because new home button on the phone appears to register direct skin contact, sensing a press only when the Touch ID scanner is activated. Any pressure, no matter how hard, that does not activate the fingerprint scanner is not registered as a click.