This elderly man shows Pokémon GO fans how it’s done

Chen San-yuan, a 70-something-year-old Taiwanese fan is known as the “Pokémon GO Grandpa”, and it’s a nickname that has been well earned. He’s been known to strap up to 6 smartphones on his bicycle in an efficient, if unorthodox, methodology to maximise his Pokémon GO experience.

He’s taken things up a notch, however. Earlier this year, Taiwanese tech company ASUS took notice of Chen and made him the abassador of their ASUS ZenFone series; they also gifted the enthusiast with 22 ASUS Zenfone Max Pros for his passion/hobby.

Pokemon Go Professional

When Pokemon Go is life… :joy:

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Here, Chen is seen making the rounds in Taipei while stopping at Poke Stop locations to spin all 20+ of his smartphones. This gives him more experience points, as well as in-game items.

In a glowing endorsement of the benefits of gaming for the elderly, Chen was quoted as saying,

“There’s a lot of fun, I can connect with people, prevent Alzheimer’s disease.” 

Niantic’s AR-based mobile game, Pokemon GO has more than 800 million downloads in 3 years, and has an estimated count of 5 million daily players.