Distribution Release: OpenIndiana 2016.04

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2015-10-04 Distribution Release: OpenIndiana 2015.10
Alexander Pyhalov has announced the release ofOpenIndiana 2015.10, the latest update of the distribution originally forked from the now-defunct OpenSolaris operating system: " So, after half a year we have a new ISO image. We synced IPS with the Everycity version, which includes Oracle updates and fixes necessary for IPS to work on illumos. Two major changes from previous IPS shipped with OpenIndiana Hipster - now we have Python 2.7 IPS version (in addition to the Python 2.6 one) and the linked image is the default zone type now. IPS knows about the zones and enforces some restrictions - for example, now GZ's publisher list should be subset of NGS's publisher list. Also distribution constructor was updated to use Python 2.7. Other changes include some preparations to support non-GRUB boot loaders. The text installer now creates separate file system for /var. We also included the text installer in the GUI ISO images. The main issue with GUI installer is that it is written in C and there's no one supporting it. The text installer, written in Python, is easier to maintain, so it gets more attention. " Read the rest of the release notes for further details. Download : OI-hipster-gui-20151003.iso (1,233MB, SHA256 ).
2015-03-31 Development Release: OpenIndiana 2015.03
Ken Mays has announced the availability of a newOpenIndiana release, "Hipster" 2015.03. The new version provides updates to the GNOME 2 desktop, Intel video drivers and system libraries. " First of all, most evident changes were made in desktop area. We've updated X.Org server and libraries, which allowed us to incorporate some important security fixes from Oracle x-s12-clone and Debian X.Org. Also we've moved much more closely to GNOME 2.32. Most packages were updated to this level, excluding packages which either have a lot of specific patches (like GDM) or just dropped some significant functionality (like Cheese, which dropped HAL support in version 2.32). Not everything has gone smoothly. We had to drop trusted desktop support during update. I believe nobody seriously used it under OI. The most annoying thing is that updated Xorg and Intel driver require some DRM updates, which are still not ready. So, if you have Intel video card, either pkg freeze X-incorporation and X.Org, or use vesa driver. " Further information is available in the project's release notes . Download : OI-hipster-gui-20150330.iso (1,237MB, SHA256 ).
2013-08-11 Development Release: OpenIndiana oi_151a8
Jon Tibble has announced the release ofOpenIndiana oi_151a8, a new pre-stable build of the operating system originally forked from OpenSolaris (after Oracle's decision to discontinue the project). From the release notes : " OpenIndiana oi_151a_prestable8 aka oi_151a8 is a bug and security fix release with some big version bumps and also the first rebuild of the JDS in the pre-stable series. This is an ISO release. This release has changes to ZFS and kernel/libc interactions that mean child zones will not work with global zones upgraded to a8 until they are brought in sync to a8 themselves. Other changes: bump Illumos to hg:14087:9919574e3322 git:7256a34efe; backout sgml util removal for now; include beta vmxnet3s driver; bump Apache to 2.2.25; bump Autoconf to 2.69; bump BIND to 9.6-ESV-R9-P1; bump OpenLDAP to 2.4.35; bump OpenSSL to 0.9.8y; bump PHP to 5.2.17; bump Samba to 3.5.21; bump Wireshark to 1.8.8.... " Download from here: oi-dev-151a8-live-x86.iso (843MB, SHA256 ).
2011-09-14 Development Release: OpenIndiana oi_151a
Alasdair Lumsden has announced the release ofOpenIndiana oi_151a, an updated version of the community fork of OpenSolaris, now with support for Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM): " OpenIndiana oi_151a was released on 14th September 2011, exactly one year after our first release, oi_147. Our latest build brings a wide variety of enhancements, including being our first build based on Illumos. Notable changes to the kernel and core userland since OpenIndiana's oi_148 release includes KVM, the open source kernel-based Virtual Machine, as a basic virtualization solution along with the QEMU package. This KVM port includes virtualization extensions for Intel VT. Using KVM, a user or system administrator can run multiple virtual machines running unmodified x86_64-based operating system images for Linux, BSD, or Windows images. Each virtual machine has private virtualized hardware. " Read the release notes for further details. Download the live DVD image: oi-dev-151a-x86.iso (802MB, MD5 , torrent ).
2010-12-17 Development Release: OpenIndiana oi_148
Albert Lee has announced the availability of a new development build ofOpenIndiana, a community fork of Oracle's OpenSolaris: " Project OpenIndiana is pleased to announce the next development release - oi_148. This release has seen a lot of improvements in documentation and processes to enable more people to contribute releasing more development knowledge to the community instead of being locked in a small number of people's heads. Outstanding issues to be aware of: globalisation across the OS is still broken; Brasero is broken due to an updated cdrecord. Fixes and improvements since oi_147: bump consolidation versions to 148 where available with bug and security fix backports; backports from Illumos; bump NVIDIA driver to 256.44; fixed l10n in Firefox and Thunderbird; added PostgreSQL packages; fixed man pages.... " Read the release announcement and release notes for more details. Download : oi-dev-148-x86-20101216.iso (876MB, MD5 ).