OpenIndiana is a distribution of OpenSolaris, constructed by the community, for the community. Our primary goal is to be a binary and package compatible drop-in replacement for the official Oracle OpenSolaris distribution.If you want to use free solaris,OpenIndiana is your best choice that download from here .Current release is OpenIndiana build 151a,it's just a development release.The stable release is to be based on oi_151a.Before the end of the year,the stable openindiana will be released.


When you boot machine with openindiana iso file,you can see follow view:

Choose the default option.After enter,you'll see openindiana release information and system is preparing live image for use.

Choose the default keyboard and default language:

Shortly after that,you don't enter any account information then you can see openindiana desktop session.

Click Device Driver Utility on desktop,you'll see you machine hardware information:

Click Install Openindiana on desktop,you'll begin to install it on your machine:

By default,openindiana use zfs as filesystem,you can't change it,just only decide to use whole disk or a partition on the disk,see follow view:

Choose your time zone,date and time:

Set system's default language:

Set root password and Create a user to yourself:

Review the settings below before installing:

Click Install :

After install,Click reboot:

OpenIndiana use gnome session as system default desktop session:

2.Basic Configuration:

(1).Enable root ssh session:

Eidt /etc/ssh/sshd_config,change PermitRootLogin yes,save file and restart ssh service:

(2).Setup remote desktop preferences:

Click Desktop sharing from system submenu preferences :

Choose Allow other users to view your desktop, after that,you can use vnc client to view desktop.

(3).Configure static ip address:

Before configure,you must disable physical:nwam service and enable physical:default service:

Now,you can configure a static ip for network interface:

For more information about how to use it,please vist follow links:

1. OpenIndiana Handbook

2. Oracle Solaris 11 Documentation

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