PHP 框架 CodeIgniter 3.1.7 发布,包含变更和错误修复

 CodeIgniter 3.1.7 已发布,CodeIgniter 是一个简单快速的 PHP MVC 框架。该版本一些变更和错误修复,主要如下:

- 更改:更新了缓存、电子邮件、表单验证、加载器和分页库;弃用 CAPTCHA 助手的 create_captcha() 函数

- 错误修复:数据库、数据库实用程序、查询生成器和会话库;URL 助手;$config['allow_get_array'] 处理


Release Date: Jan 13, 2018

General Changes

  • Updated Form Validation Library rule  valid_email to use  INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_UTS46 for non-ASCII domain names.

  • Updated Email Library to use  INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_UTS46 for non-ASCII domain names.

  • Updated Loader Library method  model() to log both  CI_Model class loading and individual models’ initialization.

  • Updated Pagination Library to preserve previously set attributes while calling  initialize() .

  • Updated Cache Library to automatically add items to cache on  increment()decrement() calls for missing keys.

  • Deprecated usage of CAPTCHA Helper function  create_captcha() with parameters other than  $data .

Bug fixes for 3.1.7

  • Fixed a regression (#5276) - Database Utilities method  backup() generated incorrect  INSERT statements with the ‘mysqli’ driver.

  • Fixed a regression where Database Results method  field_data() returned incorrect type names.

  • Fixed a bug (#5278) - URL Helper function  auto_link() didn’t detect trailing slashes in URLs.

  • Fixed a regression (#5282) - Query Builder method  count_all_results() breaks  ORDER BY clauses for subsequent queries.

  • Fixed a bug (#5279) - Query Builder didn’t account for already escaped identifiers while applying database name prefixes.

  • Fixed a bug (#5331) - URL Helper function  auto_link() converted e-mail addresses starting with ‘www.’ to both “url” and “email” links.

  • Fixed a bug where $config['allow_get_array'] defaulted to  FALSE if it didn’t exist in the config file.

  • Fixed a bug (#5379) - Session Library would incorrectly fail to obtain a lock that it already has on PHP 7 with the ‘memcached’ driver.

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