JD Launches Digital Finance Solution in Thailand

Beijing (PingWest)- JD Fintech Holding, a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce powerhouse JD.com, has launched Dolfin intelligent platform, an app offering digital finance solutions customized to the Thai market.

The Dolfin Intelligent Platform, based on five complete intelligent services platforms, including smart transaction, digital lending, digital insurance, digital wealth management, and Digital Marketing.

The platform is the first application to support an open-loop payment system, which supports online payment through all channels - including cash, bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards, and PromptPay and Dolfin counters.

According to JD, Dolfin is the first e-wallet in Thailand to use eKYC technology for user identity verification during the registration process. This technology, jointly developed by JD Digits and Central JD Fintech holding, will transform the lengthy offline user identity verification process into a fast and efficient online process using the combined power of facial recognition and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.