Conversational interface builder + messaging tool.

Combining a conversational interface builder with a messaging tool can bring some new and exciting capabilities to the way we communicate.

Mar 9 ·5min read

We at Spotgini, really like the idea of combining a user-friendly bot-builder aka conversational interface builder with a personal messaging tool. We think an “ability to create custom conversations” which a bot-builder provides + an “ability to seamlessly deploy them where people reach out and interact with you” i.e. a messaging platform is powerful. We think having them in one tool and making it a friction less experience opens the door to having some capabilities that are either not existent or at least not the default in current messaging tools, but which many professionals will find useful.

So what capabilities are we talking about? The Communication methods timeline image below shows one way of describing the evolution of communication tools. For convenience, all the pre-email methods are represented by the tincan telephone.