What to Keep in mind while buying a WiFi Router

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Wired and Wireless routers are used all over the world to connect to the internet, but in current time wireless routers became more popular than wired routers. But why?..answer is simple.One can connect many devices to internet using single connection without any big wires via WiFi routers ,which is very handy compare to wired routers.There are lot of things to consider before buying good WiFi router according to need(for example home usage,in offices etc).So before going to any details let's get into some basics.

How WiFi Routers work?:

Functioning of WiFi router is pretty simple.WiFi router receives internet data through phone line or any other way  and converts it into radio waves.These radio waves are than transmitted through antenna of WiFi router .Different devices can capture these radio waves when they are in range of radio waves.Smartphones,personal computers,laptops ,gaming consoles and any other similar devices can use captured radio waves and convert it into internet data again.With the help of WiFi router ,such network can be easily established.

What the hell is "b","g" &"n"?:

Before buying a WiFi router ,first check if it's "b" type,"g" type or "n" type.The letter shows the generation of  WiFi routers."b" is first generation,"g" is second generation and "n" is third generation of WiFi routers.So what these different generation make any difference?Well,the basic difference is improved speed and range of WiFi Router .It also shows the wireless communication standard WiFi Router uses: 802.11b , 802.11g and 802.11n .There are other wireless communication standard like 802.11a and latest 802.11ac . More info 

WiFi Router Band:

WiFi Router operates in 2 different bands which are: 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz.WiFi Routers based on old generation like 802.11b and 802.11g and some new generation routers based on 802.11n uses 2.4 Ghz band.But the benefit of router based on 802.11n is that they can use 5.0Ghz band too.Depending on band WiFi routers use,they are divided in Single-band Routers and Dual-Band Routers.Single-Band Router uses only 2.4 Ghz band while Dual-Band Routers can use both 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz band.

Mostly all WiFi Router use 2.4 Ghz band which slows down the Internet data speed in presence of multiple networks via multiple WiFi Routers.Some other devices like cordless phones,microwave ovens etc uses 2.4 Ghz  band which increases congestion in band causing slow speed.To avoid such scenario,Dual-band modem are better to choose than Single-Band Routers.It can work on both 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz band at same time.If you are choosing Single-Band Router operating on 5.0 Ghz band,make sure that your other devices support 5.0 Ghz band.Also they are costly than regular 2.4 Ghz band Routers.

WiFi Speed:

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WiFi Router 's speed depends on generation it's based on.  802.11b Routers can support max 11 Mbps,while second generation 802.11g Routers can keep up till 54 Mbps.the latest generation 802.11n router can support up-to 150 Mbps.They all nornally works on 2.4 Ghz band.Using 802.11n router doesn't mean that it will give 150 Mbps speed.It depends on actual speed your internet connection provides.Some modern router supports speed up-to 300 Mbps ,which is not impossible because Router with those specifications use double antenna which doubles the capacity of "n" type Routers .Double Antenna Routers increases the range of router.

Security:Full Access

Security is one of the much needed facility required  for WiFi routers.Many WiFi router provides basic security along with more secure WPA and WPA2 . This security prevents any unauthorized entry into your private network.Also pick the Router which provides different User Access over network.This functions can help in numerous tasks like limiting daily data usage.,fixing number of device for usage of network etc.

Additional Features:

3G Data Card Support: WiFi Router with this feature allow to use 3G data card as Internet connection.So multiple device can access internet through single data card.

Dual WAN Port: WiFi Routers with these facility provides more than one WAN port.So in any case one port is not working,other port can be use to resume the network.

Download Manager: Some router provides built-in download manger /Torrent Client which can download data even when PC is turned off.

USB Port: Some routers provides USB 2.0 port which allows to connect pen-drive or hard disk to Router.It provides NAS  (Network Attached Storage) function where pendrive or hard disk serve as NAS . Any device connected in network can access data from such NAS .