Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL now support Live Captions feature

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The GooglePixel 4 and 4 XL introduced a new and interesting feature for those who may be hard of hearing or those who simply love to consume content with captions. The feature is dubbed Live Caption and does what the name suggests. It has the ability to transcribe dialogue in real-time. The feature can transcribe audio from TV shows and also from any other audio played in the Pixel like your own videos, Instagram Stories, and more. The feature is now rolling out to the 2017’s Pixel 2 and 2 XL smartphones.

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Google didn’t make a buzz about the arrival of this particular feature. The latest version of the Device Personalization Services App enables the Live Caption feature in settings. The first users reported the availability of this interesting feature on Reddit . Apparently, Google is still rolling out the update in a gradual form. However, it is also working for users who sideloaded the latest APK.

Live Caption joins the list of Pixel 4 features that are making way to old smartphones. It’s interesting to see Google adopting a strategy that is common among other companies like OnePlus. Now, the only features missing for Pixel 3 are the Assistant’s specific updates and Astrophotography. The latter is available for the Pixel 2 duo, however only for those who install Gcam Mod.