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Today and next Wednesday, we're going to do a mini-Windows Phone Image App Dev Series. Today Vikram Pendse, whom we last highlighted here, Windows Phone 8.1 Text to Speech, Speech to Text and Cortana , provides a great tutorial for getting going with the Nokia Imaging SDK -> http://developer.nokia.com/lumia/nokia-apis/imaging (which you can use on any Windows Phone), taking you from install to finished app.

We're highlighted the Nokia Imaging SDK a couple times;

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Building an Image Transformation Application for Windows Phone 8

Abstract:Nokia Imaging SDK provides a simple and easy way to implement APIs making it easier for developers to use the SDK in their apps. In this article, we will build a Windows Phone 8 Image filtering application which will allows us to apply various filters and effects to our Images and also enables us to save and share them on Social platform.

The mobile phone industry is highly competitive. Microsoft realizes this and has been taking huge initiatives to improve the User and Developer experience for the Windows Phone Platform. The acquisition of Nokia Devices and Services business is a part of this initiative. Nokia continues to capture the Windows Phone market like no other OEM’s and continues to deliver excellent devices and a rich phone development platform.

Nokia has an edge over other Mobile vendors in their rich set of API’s and the documentation that comes along with it. Nokia Imaging SDK is one of these platforms that developers can leverage to deliver some cool imaging experiences to consumers. Other popular API’s by Nokia are the HERE Maps and Nokia MixRadio.


In this article, we will make use of the Imaging SDK and build an Image filtering application which will allows us to apply various filters and effects to our Images and also enables us to save and share them on Social platform.

What is Nokia Imaging SDK?

Nokia Imaging SDK consists of APIs which allows developers to apply various filters and effects to images either taken from the Camera or on images which already exists on the phone. This SDK also allows advance image operations like Lens Blur, Cropping etc. and allows you to incorporate your own custom filters as well. In this article we are using Nokia Imaging SDK 1.1. Recently Nokia also announced version 1.2 but since it is still in Beta, we have focused on SDK 1.1.

Creating a new Windows Phone 8.0 Application

We will be building an application for the Windows Phone 8.0 Platform. Use a New Windows Phone Blank Project in Visual Studio 2013, to start with...


Install Nokia Imaging SDK version 1.1

To download the Nokia Imaging SDK from Visual Studio 2013, you can go to your NuGet package manager or package manager console and install the APIs as shown below


Building UI for ImageFilta

What we are looking to build is a page with various filters and options. There is a ScrollViewer at the bottom which will allow us to scroll across filters. This ScrollViewer contains a set of Image Controls. When a user taps the image, we will render a filtered image above it and perform operations like Save or Share from the AppBar at Bottom. This is how the UI will look like



Sharing Image with Filter Effect on Socials

Social integration is one of the key aspects of this application since the very purpose of this application is to allows users to apply some filters and effects to the images and share them with their friends on the social network. The following code shows how it can be done quickly. Note that this feature totally depends on the Social platform integration configured on your device. It does not explicitly post anywhere else, unless you select to do so.



There are some Image filtering apps available on the Windows Phone Store like Instagram, 6tag etc. This article has been written with the purpose of guiding you and giving you a roadmap of how such apps can be built using Nokia Imaging SDK. Nokia Imaging SDK is free to download, however if you are using it in your commercial / store ready app, then please check the Terms and Conditions mentioned on the Nokia Imaging SDK Website.

Nokia Imaging SDK provides a simple and easy way to implement APIs and thus makes it easy for developers to plug and play in their apps. We all know that Nokia as a Windows Phone manufacturer comes with an awesome set of Hardware devices which also include a stunning Camera built-into these devices. Nokia Devices like Lumia 920, 1520 and the 1020 in particular, which gives a 41 megapixel camera, are some of the popular Windows Phone devices. In order to enjoy the imaging from such devices, there is always need of image editing and processing. Nokia Imaging SDK gives you access to a powerful library of exciting image-manipulation tools.

Download the entire source code from our GitHub Repository at bit.ly/dncm13-wpnokiasdk

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