Xcode full stack trace

How do I view the full stack trace for exceptions that have been started from ScalaCheck?

I'm running ScalaCheck tests in sbt, and if my test fails because the code under test throws an exception, the test report shows the failed test, the thrown exception and the message, but not the entire stack trace (note the mere Exception: java.lang

How to print the full stack trace in exception?

For example, in one place... //---------------a try { // some network call } catch(WebException we) { throw new MyCustomException("some message ....", we); } ...and in another place... //--------------b try { // invoke code above } catch(MyCusto

Visual Studio 2008 Show FULL Stack Trace After Overflowing Stack

I have a running C++ project that has had a stack overflow whilst I was running it under the debugger within the IDE. Visual Studio 2008 has taken it upon itself to truncate the stack trace of the overflowing thread (well hey if we're gonna do that w

Is there a way to clear the full stack trace after the normal binary run?

I want the complete stack trace, mainly the list of functions traversed in a normal execution of a binary. AFAIK, GDB provides the trace only when it hits a break point or in case of a crash.That is called the call graph. That would require either: I

How to get the stack trace from a Test :: Unit :: TestCase

I am testing some Ruby code and have a failing Test::Unit::TestCase. Unfortunately, the failure report only gives me the top error, not a full stack trace. Specifically, it says: 1) Failure: test_tp_make(TestScripts::TestTpMake) [test/test_scripts.rb

Perl: $ SIG {__ DIE__}, eval {} and stack trace

I have a piece of Perl code somewhat like the following (strongly simplified): There are some levels of nested subroutine calls (actually, methods), and some of the inner ones do their own exception handling: sub outer { middle() } sub middle { eval

Elmah does not store stack trace when Facebook C # SDK throws an exception

I'm using Elmah and the Facebook C# SDK (http://facebooksdk.codeplex.com/) Elmah has been working really well for me. However, when the Facebook C# SDK throws an exception, the stack trace is not logged. For example, when I throw this exception: thro

Find an Exception Cause of Wave Stack Trace

I have an Android app that has recently been mysteriously force closing for some of my users using 4.x devices. Looking at the exception stack, it seems like the error occurs before any of my code ever gets run, but I assume I am doing something that

Get stack trace for IIS 7.5 and C # for each exception

I have a C# WCF application running on IIS 7.5. If an exception is thrown I get the generic request failed page. In order to find the guilty code, I'd like to get a full stack trace including line numbers and file names. How can I do that? Whether th

no stack trace for knot-jasmine errors

I'm using node.js and the jasmine-node npm module to run tests. This works perfectly except if the code produces an error. I get no stacktrace. For example, one of my tests only outputs this: Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefin

What is the purpose of a Stack Trace in Xcode?

Sometimes Xcode encounters an error - but rather than throw a proper "end of program" and give me a description, all I get is a "paused" view, much like if I had set a breakpoint. All I see is a huge stack trace, and I can press the &q

General Run-Time Error Appears in Place of Stack Trace Share Point 2010

I am trying to add a GridView to the aspx page ,but when I add it I get the error I have enabled debugging on the web.config file , but still I get this below error. Since a day I have been trying to add the gridview to the page, it does'nt let me do

How to get the source code line of the stack trace in obj-c / ios

I use NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler to print the stack trace to local file in iPhone, which will be sent to our server next time the app launches. Then I can examine the exception data and fix the bug. In some crashes I have the module name and the f

The allocation tracking library was not loaded in time and could not see the stack trace

For opening Instruments we must profile first then select which template we have to profile memory leaks,allocations,zombies. But still I get the error allocations library was not loaded, and could not see the stack trace also. And could not find the