Sxmo: Simple X Mobile - A Pinephone UI that is simple and suckless

Sxmo: Simple X Mobile

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Sxmo, or Simple X Mobile, is a collection of simple and suckless X programs used together to create a fully functional mobile UI adhering to the Unix philosophy for the Pinephone . You control the UI largely through using the Pinephone buttons (press different numbers of times quickly for different actions) and swipe gestures.

Overview of Sxmo's features:

  • Pinephone buttons actions : (viadwm) press hardware buttons different number of times for different actions (like launching terminals, browsers, and window management)
  • Swipe gestures : (vialisgd) move between workspaces, move windows between workspaces, and raise/lower volume via swipe gestures
  • Menu interfaces : (viadmenu) use the Pinephone hardware buttons to select menu entries (e.g. volume up/volume down/select translates to previous/next/select)
  • Onscreen keyboard : (viasvkbd) Multiple layer responsive onscreen keyboard that autoadjusts WM space
  • Window Managment : (viadwm) Arrange windows (in classic dwm layouts like monocle, tile, and bstack), kill clients, and cycle window focus using Pinephone buttons
  • Calls & Texting : (viadmenu scripts/mmcli) Compose texts in $EDITOR / vim-like editor, read texts in $PAGER, make calls (and audio-route) via dmenu script utilizing modemmanager
  • Incoming Text/Call notifications : (viascript) Vibrate phone & blink led when there is an incoming call/text
  • Lock Screen : (viacustom C program) Disable screen input and toggle screen on/off for listening to music / pocket use
  • Menu Scripts : Countdown Timer, Youtube audio and video (mpv-based), Weather, RSS
  • Web browser : (viasurf) Browse the web while saving screenspace and includes Pinephone buttons (via dmenu) based link-following
  • Terminal : (viast) Excellent terminal support with scrollback, copy-paste, and color invert
  • Other Applications : Prebaked images bundle foxtrotgps (GPS), sacc (Gopher client), Firefox and Netsurf (web browsers)
  • System-menus : Control Volume, Brightness, Camera, Wifi, Logout, Modem Info, Launching Apps, and more
  • Application-specific menus : Increase font-size, zoom, paste, on per-application level via dmenu scripts
  • Login Screen : (via xdm ) Login/logout via XDM which launches with onscreen keyboard
  • Alpine Linux / PmOS Based Images : Our infrastructure bakes images that live ontop of PmOS/Alpine Linux which keeps things small, simple, and pragmatic